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Default Re: Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?

I think that my favorite character from the anime was probably Charizard... I mean, he's actually a pretty complex character as far as Pokemon can go. Charmander started out as a "rescue" pokemon that was abused and *almost killed* by his original trainer, and the part where Ash saves him gets to me every time. Then, as the series progressed, Charmander grew throughout the year with the viewers, changing as he got older. When he finally became a Charizard, he was so separated from his past that he actually started disregarding Ash, but Ash proved that he was worthy of respect, and Charizard became not only a great friend and ally but also an epic powerhouse that tangled with legendaries and came out relatively unscathed.

So, yeah, I'd say Charizard was my favorite character from the anime.

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