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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

00C: Thought I’d written and added this a while ago, but looks like I did neither. Since it’s been so long, I decided to just give the choices their separate post.

Lorenzo and Leander
Zee town

People were starting to make their choices, which happened to sway heavily in the light side’s favour. In fact, after a little while, they were among the only ones left as Leander insisted on “thinking it through” before making a selection. Lorenzo was now starting to grow impatient, and it was showing.

“If you’re so antsy, why don’t you just go already,” the cat-boy shot his companion a cold glare but didn’t raise his voice any.

“Because…” Lorenzo started, but really didn’t know how to continue. It might be a little early to consider the stranger a friend, but explaining that he was closest thing the blond had to the term wasn’t the easiest thing to do. “The light seems to be the more popular option,” he decided to switch the topic instead.

“That means nothing,” Leander retorted bluntly, the bait appeared taken. To the optimist, it seemed he would add more, a few moments went by and not another word was spoken. Without the others’ voices, the area had grown shockingly quiet. Too much so for comfort.

“It does give us something to go off of,” Lorenzo tried to fill the void and would hopefully speed things up a notch.

“No, it doesn’t. Following others blindly does not seem like a good course of action,” his answer wasn’t what the dark haired teenager had wanted to hear, although he wasn’t too surprised.

“Well, the light does seem a little friendlier,” being rebuffed didn’t take much of a toll on Lorenzo’s blazing enthusiasm as he once again tried to get a positive response out of the smaller boy.

“You’re not that naïve I hope,” Leander was clearly not impressed.

“What are you basing your choice on then?” he asked, surprisingly still cheerful. The morph tilted his head, royal blue eyes fixed on Lorenzo. He seemed to hesitate, although that was only momentary.

“Representation and lack thereof on Gameover’s part. Of course the memory aspect is a factor, although that can easily be a trap.” It seemed more was running though his head, which made his sudden stop odd.

“It’s all we got though, not like Gameover gave us any reason to join them,” Lorenzo said innocently, now giving the two portals a good looking over.

“Either choice will yield allies and enemies,” Leander mumbled, and the other boy was happy he finally spoke unprovoked.

“We can’t stay here forever,” he whined, delight unable to mask impatience. The light haired teenager sighed fiercely but took a few moments to add anything constructive.

“That I can agree with. I don’t have much to go on, but seeing that SAOR did provide an incentive and did send a representative…” he paused abruptly, seemingly interrupted by another thought. Lorenzo, however, didn’t seem to care and gladly dragged his acquaintance (with surprising ease) toward the brighter portal. Oddly enough Leander really didn’t seem to notice until brightness struck his eyes.

“Wait!” the morph finally exclaimed, with more passion then he’d expressed to date (which really isn’t saying much, but still), however, it was too late. In the bat of an eye, the boys were consumed by the intense light, all traces of their presence in the village completely erased.

Also in zee town

Choosing, in all honesty, wasn’t that hard. Actually committing to said selection was proving to be the tougher task. Everything seemed to point in favour of SAOR, and yet, unlike the others, she wasn’t moving. The group had definitely been in favour of the light portal, which wasn’t much of a shocker. Using them as a gage wasn’t the best option, but every single individual couldn’t really be wrong.

Staying put was a fair option in its own, but it didn’t seem productive. Nothing in those endless woods seemed to explain what was going on and being in a foreign land with no support was probably dangerous. That last feeling, she couldn’t explain why it was felt, it just was…

Without warning, the blunette slowly started towards the bright light, praying her choice was the right one…

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