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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I immediately charged the High Priest, with my Pokémon (Septim the Audino excluded) right behind me. However, without much warning, a Barrier popped up behind me, separating me from them once again, the only realization of such a sudden 'thump' and the sight of Scyez pressing against it when I turned around. I wasn't risking Paradoxial Lightning to bring it down when it could harm my Pokémon, and I had to conserve my energy for the High Priest. I wasn't anywhere near tired, but I wasn't close to the full strength mark either, and that wasn't good, especially in front of someone that looked like he had been waiting for this the whole time.

Right then and there wasn't a 'use my Volteer powers' moment for the High Priest, as made apparent by unseathing his blade. It was the same one he used at Triaton, for the proportions were the same: Coincidentally, those same portions were the equivalent of the Illicit Blessing's, but I didn't care for it then. Now, however, I realized I would be facing a copy of the Illicit Blessing, every minute detail perfectly recreated, the only exception being it was made of a very reflective Onyx rather than Platinum.

"It's almost sad; I, the High Priest, have to use the twin of the very weapon you wield to stop you, the Archangel." said my enemy. It began then: I struck out against him, and he blocked it. The metal of the room was Celestial Onyx, the pedestal Celestial Platinum-I couldn't have done anything with the room. I was showing signs of my exhaustion: I managed a quick recovery with the Relic's overflowing energies, even with eleven barriers tightly compacted around it, but this advantage was being taxed by the High Priest's blocking. Our stances changed, and we danced around the Relic, neither of us willing to use an Arbit-Burning blade just yet, and the Arbiter strictly blocking. I could have told you every exact movement of me and my foe, and it went on like this for fifteen minutes. That period ended when I suddenly aimed for his stomach with a well-aimed kick, and I sent him backwards. Was he reluctant? Probably wasn't any more at that point, as now his stance changed to a more offensive one.

Suddenly, he just flung his blade barely over my head, and the Arbitarian Energy formed at his fingertips. I kept an eye on the blade, and turned around to see the blade coming back at my face, like a d**m boomerang. I ducked, but it suddenly stopped its spin and did a small slash in the side. I ignored the pain and immediately got back up, narrowly avoiding another swipe from the Onyx blade, and caught by the edge of a burst of Arbitarian Fire-I put it out when it touched my shirt, but the energy hit the blade, and the blade started to flare up with the Arbitarian Fire, now more intimidating than a regular blade.

I Arbit-Burned my own Blade-ugh, the energy loss to do that was getting to me-and the High Priest started to attack me from the other side with the projectiles he sent-not just Arbitarian, but Temporal and Spatial as well-all of which I had to keep an eye on and sidestep while focusing on the blade. The High Priest took even further advantage of my state, and would use one hand to occasionally attack one of my sides with an energy attack-it became a multi-sided assault against me, I was tiring quickly, and the High Priest was controlling the battle without a sweat or a scratch. That was skillful if nothing else was.

I had to take action, and soon. The blade's movements were furiously increasing, I was starting to tire from the forced focus on defense, and I nearly lost my grip on the Illicit Blessing about ten times now. I needed to do something to change the situation. He made sure I couldn't attack him directly, and I couldn't use most of my skills to make a good use of it...And then the High Priest hit the blade with another energy attack, almost disarming me. I'd rather not lose my only defense against the opposing blade at that point. The Onyx Blade went in for a lunge, and the High Priest shot a blast of Spatial Energy...

I stood aside, letting the High Priest's attack collide with the charging blade. The latter was knocked off-course, and I caught it. I quickly removed his own Arbitarian Fire, replacing it with my own Energy to make sure he didn't do more tricks with it. I went in for a charge, finally ready to attack.

No good. The High Priest warped in another weapon-a Two-handed blade, considering the size, and decorated with Arbitarian symbols more so than the Illicit Blessing or its twin. It immediately started Arbit-Burning, and several orbs of Arbitarian energy floated around the leader of the Arbiters, an added layer of protection. He stayed in this stance for a few seconds, allowing me more time to feed off the Relic's energy.

"You're good at this. Blizzard used the Dice twice and lost both times; Pandora couldn't even touch you; Curze needed to redesign his tactics because of you; and of course, using my own attack to grab my weapon was creative. Gear Pesse should never have taught Knight's Assent to a child who wanted none of this to begin with, but he has obviously taught a prodigy...It must end, though." The High Priest said, that masked voice of his getting on my nerves. The Orbs of Arbitarian energy around him suddenly linked together, and expanded outward. I narrowly avoided getting slammed with one of them in their expansion, but then they started to shrink, and a bit of my hair got caught in it when I tried getting out. There wasn't a burn, but the hair caught was gone-a testimony to the power the High Priest had.

I backed up and turned invisible: I needed to not be seen. He still expanded the web, like I was still there, and I managed to evade it-the 'cage' was stopped by the barriers around the Relic. I ran behind the podium and started hovering, taking a better view of the situation. The High Priest suddenly teleported to my left, and expanded the web again. I had to back away, but the web was again stopped, this time by the outer barrier. Scyez and Lesha were giving him quite the show on inappropriate hand gestures, with Septim looked on, impressed, and Vyraz was flying around, trying to stretch his wings and roaring at the High Priest, all of them attempting to distract him. I still hadn't used Film or Meta. Meta was too big for this kind of fight, and he couldn't dodge the web, so I sent out Film, making sure the light wasn't seen. The sound still came, so he teleported nearby, and re-expanded the cage. However, I had grabbed Film and moved away, beyond the web's reach.

"...Is that the High Priest?" Film asked, whispering and holding onto my jacket. I told him of what I did, of course.

<"Yes. Meta is too big for this kind of fighting, and the rest can't help, so you're the only one I've got."> I said, summarizing the situation. Film nodded in approval, as the High Priest teleported directly under us and once again expanded the cage. I weaved through the cage to my foe, blades ready.

The High Priest blocked my attack despite not seeing me, but was vulnerable to Film: he knew Flamethrower, and used it to his best here, spewing orange-yellow flames on the Arbiter's cloak. He quickly doused it, and I quickly kept up the offensive, as the cage shrunk in, and Film used another round of fire. Whatever indicator of my desired avenue of attack was, the High Priest was using that to keep my blades at bay and completely deflected the second breath of fire...I slipped through the Arbitarian web, barely making it in one piece. Too close-I'd do one attack at a time. I also moved away.

"So, you're good with Pokémon. Respectable...But two can play at that game." The High Priest said, and the sound of a PokéBall was to be heard, behind the pedestal I was hiding at. I peeked out, still invisible, and Film could see it too.

That was probably the Chandelure the Exio Void grunts were referring to, despite not having it. Dark indigo flames, red eyes, and the reeking of Arbitarian energy off of his body was enough to distinguish between a Regular Chandelure and this one. He looked serious, but bored.

"Yzim, The Archangel chose combat over peaceful resolution. He's better than I expected. He's got a Pokémon of his own, it can breathe fire but I don't know what it is. His position's unknown-his ability to stay invisible doesn't stem from Illusions, it seems, but he can cloak others with it. Don't make eye contact. His energy is apparent at close range, use that." the High Priest muttered, trying to make sure I didn't hear.

"F*** you Arbiters!" Lesha yelled, through the barrier.

"Meanies! Bullies! Baddies! Dummies! Go Avvie!" Scyez threw in.


"And please ignore them." he added.

"That won't be terrifically hard." Said the Chandelure in an accent I'd define as British. He also spoke English. "I'm noting Septim among the audience, if you've not already." Added Yzim, making a slight gesture towards Septim before starting to move towards my position.

He didn't see me before I decloaked, which caused him a minor twitch's worth of surprise. Film used an Ancientpower, while I tried a small jolt of Paradoxial lightning, both aimed at the newer menace. He hit away the rocks made of energy with balls of pure Arbitarian Energy, but the Paradoxial Lightning was something unfamiliar to him, and his own attack only made matters worse for himself. He took a good hit, and I cloaked again and flew upwards. Better trained than most, Yzim was.

"He's not using spectral means, I can't see him. Don't know what's going on. His partner's a Togetic, knows Ancientpower. He's using Paradoxial Lightning now." Yzim quietly reported.

"Paradoxial Lightning. It’s powerful. It gets stronger in contact with other energies or magic, and even Celestial Metals can be slightly damaged by it...It's quite the draining energy, though. But that's not important, what's important is-"

What was important then was never known. His cage was still shrunk around him, and I took full opportunity by shooting another small spark of Paradoxial Lightning. The cage of energy quickly changed into the Red Thunder, and the whole thing was sent at him, making his advantage vanish while hurting him, and at last, an avenue of attack was open. I rushed to meet it.

The High Priest took a good slash to two parts of the cloak, but the hole I made revealed armor-leather and Kevlar, with Celestial Gold plates. He expected this. Yzim was immediately beside him, if only to help him up. Something fell out of the High Priest's torn robe, something that looked like a light source was trapped in a yellowish stone...And it glowed.

"Hey! A Shiny Stone!" Film said, leaving the relative safety of my immediate person to reach out for it. He was evolving quickly-but I couldn't disguise him while Evolving, and he was hit when it was too late to interrupt.

It was the full brunt of the attack; it wasn't a lethal attack, but my heart rate accelerated massively when I registered the hit. I yelled; I was honestly panicked. That was a rookie mistake: give the opponent an opportunity to attack. The ribbon of Arbitarian Energy slashed across his right eye, going across his whole body in a thin black streak, breaking up the evolutionary energies, but he was already evolved at this point. I cured the Arbit-Burn, but the new Togekiss-complete with a record-breaking amount of head crest spikes-would never get over the Arbitarian Attack, the pure black streak breaking up the white, as well as the red and blue triangles on his lower side. His new right eye was red and damaged by the energy, and I couldn't tell if it worked. The rest of him, thankfully, was OK.

I wasted no further time in crippling Yzim's ability to perform: I used a Dragonbreath attack right in his face, something that he wasn't entirely expecting, Half-Latries or no. I took Film away-now more cumbersome to work with-and fled behind the relic's pillar, cloaking Film again.

"Aagh..." Film said, using one of his new wings to try and rub his eye. It wasn't going to recover from the scarring, but he was good for now. The High Priest seemed to be recovering from my own attack as well, muttering: "I didn't expect it to be that powerful...No more playing around."

The High Priest immediately jumped over the pillar, almost silently, and I barely jumped out of the way, releasing Film from my grasp. Film flied off, with an initial awkwardness that came with a completely new form, but quickly getting the hang of it. Yzim confronted him, suddenly appearing in his path, but Film launched another Ancientpower at Yzim to keep him from getting the first blow. Meanwhile, I was engaging the High Priest, hoping that invisibility would work to strengthen the odds.

The High Priest was using my energetic presence to find me, for he blocked my blows quickly and steadily, despite wielding the more cumbersome two-handed weapon than my two blades, and not being able to see me truly. The attacks made by him were fearsome, strong, and fast for the weapon he wielded, but my blocks came with equal velocity-We both took a few hits at this point, but for the most part, we were flurrying with a fury and ability rarely seen. We were now just going for broke with whatever we could do with our powers while swordfighting as well: I would attempt kicking the High Priest while changing position, letting Red Thunder show on it for added strength; the High Priest would create illusionary clones of himself to surround me and confuse me briefly; I'd use a Dragonbreath attack whenever he got too close; he'd teleport around, sometimes launching an Arbitarian Attack from afar; I'd sometimes use the Starblazer when my block would break, and to attack him when simple blade strikes wouldn't; the High Priest would make the Arbitarian Flame rise up on the whole floor to attack me if I used the advantage of the ground too much; I'd use the advantage of flight to engage him from upside-down, sideways, and other directions; He'd try to slow down time in an attempt to catch up with my natural reflexes; I'd use Recover whenever my foe wasn't close enough. I could go on and on and on, but we basically let out every last trick in our own books, and even borrowed a few from the other guy's once in a while, all while countering the other guy's. All the while, I kept an eye on Yzim and Film: Their conflict was a different flavor than ours, tactically dodging and flying around, launching long-range attacks at one another whenever possible without compromising the sole piece of cover possible: The Relic's podium.

This took about two minutes. However, time was seemingly slowed down, every last little second stretched out to such a length that it felt like a swing took an eternity. The intensity, the adrenaline, the power...That was absolutely thrilling and terrifying.

Of course, it's rare to see Volteers use their weapons and their full range of Volteerist abilities at the same time at this level of intensity for extended periods, and this was no exception. We overextended ourselves, and although Yzim and Film were still very capable of fighting, the High Priest and I were so exhausted that we simultaneously fell to the floor, nearly face-first. I had a bevy of new scars-including one horizontally across my face, when the High Priest's blade barely avoided my eyes, one that stretched across my right arm, and a series of much smaller cuts that made Blizzard's cut across the back turn into a full-circle. Meanwhile, the High Priest's cloak had been torn in many places, and the armor behind it was also cut up in several places-in one point, skin was clearly showing. His cloak was almost completely gone, save for the hood and mask.

However, that made little difference: He miscalculated how much distance was between the floor and his mask. The mask hit the floor and broke, as expected.

I could barely move, using the relic's energy strictly to recuperate from the wounds and rapid energy loss I endured-I've felt like this after a good day's worth of training, but I would have reacted somehow if I was better off. Because I figured it out.

I recognized the face at once-the black hair, the face, the five-o-clock shadow, the cleft, the eyes. He was exhausted, sweating and panting, but his expression was serious. He probably would have masked his face with darkness, but no, he was just as exhausted as I was-too much to try anything else. I guess that for someone that saw it firsthand, seeing solid proof Avonu was an Arbiter wasn't entirely shocking. The part that scared me was that, obviously, he was the High Priest (unless he somehow bluffed it), and he had fought me to a draw. I was a Legendary Volteer, a Legendary Pokethrobe, and had trained in Knight's Assent: Avonu may have done likewise with Knight's, but he was definitely only a Major Volteer, like Tyzzax, and definitely human. But I found it out. If only Gear was nearby...

I then eyed the Relic. The energy barriers around it kept too much energy from seeping out all at once...shooting a spark of Paradoxial Lightning at those small barriers would cause it to devour the first barrier, allowing more of the Relic's energy to get through while systematically charging up the Paradoxial Lightning bolt on the barriers...It would rapidly increase the rate of recovery for me, set up the Relic-Destroying scene I needed, and maybe kill Avonu if he couldn't leave. I would probably get somewhere with that. The only issue: Running fast enough. Who knew how much damage such a high-energy artifact like that could cause if it was destroyed, and even if it was countered by the Paradoxial Lightning destroying it, I'd still have to contend with Gear Pesse if I stuck around.

I wasn't prolonging this battle, so I decided on that option, shooting the spark.

"NO!" Septim yelled, all of his bystander-like attitude forgotten. "THAT SEALS THE DOORS!!"

The first barrier came under attack by the Paradoxial Lightning, causing the barrier to disappear, and as predicted, let some more Arbitarian energy rush through. I quickly recharged enough to stand up, as did Avonu.

"Septim, miserably, is right." Avonu said, no longer trying to disguise his voice. "You should have done that from outside the room, while one of the doors was open, so that you could have escaped." He said, when the second barrier went down. "My wretch of a twin brother designed that mechanism to deal with intruders and simultaneously provide an escape route if the Relic went haywire..." Said Avonu, as the third barrier vanished, and we started creating energy filters. "He was mad, but he was smart enough to make sure that there was a emergency destruction procedure at hand, and a good one at that..." the High Priest said, as the fourth barrier was broken. We tried creating energy barriers to block off it, and Avonu retreated Yzim as I did Film. "No teleporting...No way you could open those doors...No way out..."

I knew what he said, but I wasn't the kind to give up on anything that easily. I had to ask.

"No way out? Certianly, you're not willing to let your brother's 'genius' triumph over you, of all people." I said. Avonu's expression didn't change, but he opened his mouth, and I slowed down time to hear as much as possible.
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