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Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Honestly, who hangs out at a shopping mall? That's ultra lame, not to mention it's exactly what the business types want. And come on kids, since when was business cool?
The security guards at my mall are metal heads. B) Spoke with one of 'em about Venom for a good ten minutes.

I normally go to the mall to go to Outback and eat cheese fries, then go to this clothing store called Concrete that sells good band shirts and a reasonable price (3 for $50 or smlt); I go to the mall when I have a reason to, hardly ever just to hang out and dick around.

But I'm banned from Del Amo because I was playing dinosaurs with some of mine and we broke a few chairs, then dipped out. gud tiemz, livin da lyf 2k12.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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