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Default Re: Gallery/Pixel Dump

Thanks! :3

The revamps are reeeeeally old and were "soft lined" or something like that, I had an aversion to black outlines when I first started. xP

dat Zebstrika egg, blah, I only made it to fill that white gap because it was uneven and it made me go bananas. Although now that I'm looking at it closely, I accidentally hacked off part of the Gastly egg's ghostly aura!!

Aaaaaand the Crustlesect might be my favorite fusion, it's just so adorably awkward!

Now for some new sprites, but all I have are recolors atm, my sister ever so graciously gave her flu virus to me so I've been down 'n out for the past couple days.

Here are some Pinkemon:

and a tropical-y orange palette!

...which I think makes Pineco look preeeeetty cool.
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