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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

One crappy SU coming up. (Please don't murder me because of how bad it is.) ^^''

Name: Xaekile

Gender: Female

Appearance: Xaekile looks like a normal 13-year-old, certainly not one to stand out in a crowd or be remembered. She has black hair that’s shoulder-length that’s stopped growing because of the influence of her powers. Her light brown eyes are capable of projecting emotions into in order to trick people into believing that she’s still capable of feeling them, the right of which is covered with her hair no matter how hard she tries to fix it. Her outfits consist of a purple sleeveless hoodie with a hood that has the baggy green sleeves of the shirt she has on underneath showing themselves, a green skirt with tight purple pants underneath, and purple with green sneakers, all of which match hues with each other.

Personality: Xaekile acts extremely sadistic. She does anything that she thinks her past self would find interesting, including drawing out a battle so that she could inflict as much pain as possible to her enemies and ending the battle and leaving them alive when they’re at the point of not wanting to live any longer. She also likes to hang out with a group of humans for a day by acting upon the “fake” memories of all the days before the one she became a Nobody and then corrupting all of them when it’s over. The worst part about her is that she can almost flawlessly imitate a normal girl, although when she slips up she does it gloriously.

History: Xaekile, born with the name Kaelie, was a normal girl living a normal life before she became a Nobody. She was the daughter of a teacher and she had a few close friends which she would tell anything to. However when the Heartless came to her world Kaelie had the misfortune of having to watch all of those friends become Heartless before she did.

When she became a Nobody she discovered that the more she thought about it the more she realized that she got a thrill out of watching her friends becoming Heartless. She couldn’t understand this until around the time she was found by the Organization. She didn’t become a member because she was restricted with what she was allowed to do with her powers, but still worked closely with them. While she was still at their base she was talking to the member Xigbar, who told her that the last few moments of a person’s life said the most about who they were.

After this she did a few missions for the Organization that were mostly “turn people into Heartless for Roxas and Xion to slaughter,” and occasionally cause havoc on a world for Xigbar’s amusement. The enjoyed the latter more. Because of her ability to create large numbers of Heartless in one place she is also put in charge of hunting down other Human-like Nobodies when they step out of line. All while her sanity slowly slipped away because of Xigbar. She’s the closest thing to a member of the Organization that a non-member can be.

Element: Corruption--Xaekile can turn weak-hearted people into Heartless with the creation of a purple glass-like orb that will float around and attack people with purple lightning. If those it attacks have a heart strong enough to not be completely consumed by the powers but not quite strong enough to completely negate them they will turn into an Anti-Form Heartless, which are the strongest Heartless her powers can create. Whenever the Anti-Form Heartless are created a Dark Knight is also created for her. To her dismay, she is granted no offensive abilities.

Weapon: Zeig: Zeig is a strange blade that runs up Xaekile’s arm and even bends with it, allowing her to pull off attacks that many other people wouldn’t be able to. It’s blade is primarily purple with a green zig-zag line running through the center of it. Despite how easy it is to use once you learn how to use it Xaekile can’t fight with it for her life.

Lesser Nobody: Dark Knight: A fierce creature--not quite a nobody, but close enough--that looks like a suite of armor filled with nothing other than black. The armor itself is purple with green symbols that vary from Dark Knight to Dark Knight. They wield a normal blade that are purple with green symbols running down the blades that also vary just like the symbols on their armor. They possess the ability to fire beams out of their swords that have the same effect that the orbs Xaekile fires do.

Other: We are the others

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