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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]


I shall post up an SU when I have made pictures. TO THE TABLET.

Name: Driax
Age: 17, appears much younger
Gender: Female

Driax in her docile form is about 3 feet tall when she 'walks' on all fours, though standing up she's 5'7. Incredibly light in both forms, nothing can be seen of her face except silver glowing eyes from under her hood. She only stands up on her legs when she's using her lances in battle, occasionally when she's running. In her assault form, she grows nearly 7 feet in height, 12 feet in length, and has a wingspan of 10 feet. Her silver eyes pierce through those who can't handle her deviating gaze and light blue energy pulses in blade shapes from her newly formed wings. In both forms, she is really a living set of armor and is able to store things inside her armor by creating spaces inside her energy.
Personality: Driax has a simplistic way of thinking which gives off the impression that she is simple minded with a lackluster form of intelligence. Despite the fact she seems to fit this role well, it is simply not the case. In a way Driax has two drastically different sides of her personality that would make one think she is bipolar. In her not so dragonic form, her hood raised over her glowing eyes and her mannerism of walking turns into her more, as some would say 'primitive' way of acting. Often speaking in third person with no leadership skills whatsoever, she follows whoever lets her follow her unil she feels the need to move on to some other soul. Driax is a natural drifter and isn't one to think twice about speaking her mind but most of the time doesn't understand the reprocussions that it may cause. Driax enjoys the simplest of things and gets excited seemingly over the smallest of triumphs or events. Her voice in this form is a bit off and silly, adding to her air of not being able to take her seriously. [Refference: Guilmon's voice in 03]

Driax in her dragon form however, is much more serious and somewhat feral, not afraid to beat down anything she finds as a threat in the quickest way possible. Her willpower may be confused with pride as she fights until she either wins or dies out, or actually fall to nothingness. She doesn't see it beyond her morale to rough someone up to get her point across if her words don't work. Contrast to her subtle form of simplicity, Driax in this persona uses complicated sentences, metaphors and complex, mentally provoking statements that many would initially see as a paradox. If there is something Driax doesn't like, be it a person or situation she often resorts to this personality for defensive purposes. Her voice in this form drastically changes to something dualtoned and hollow, as if a demonic voice is speakin at the same time a metalic, female one is.

In either forms, if she finds hrself loyal to anyone, she will feel the need to protect them from threats and will not stop in defending them by any means necessary until the threat is either eliminated or the person asks them to stop.

History: Driax was found as a remnant of a broken soul within a powerful Dragoon Nobody. The life energy took over the weak soul of the lesser Nobody and became something greater. Driax was only assmed to come from a strong life previously known as Adri, however minimal memories remained at all with the potent life force that made the conciousness continue onward. Due to the energy leaking out, she was enhanced through experimentation through Organization XIII in order to contain this energy and maybe put it to further use. Driax was treated more as an intelligent pet than a being with significant thought or feeling, and was the prototype into looking a turning the Castle that Never Was into a being of grat power should it ever need to be. Few people ever paid much attention to her or treated her with any decent respect until the one day when Xaildin got too rough with her, and unlashed her full form. From here Driax gained her two lance weapons and first learned she could create a power from her ecess energy and use it against people. However, returning to a simple minded hobbling Nobody, her intent to hurt people significantly dropped, though this went around the Organization rather quickly. As she was looked at further for ways on converting the castle into a giant living beast of destruction, time passed where Driax would try to practice as she viewed the others doing. She learned the ability to use energy pulses to create powerful shockwaves to stun or decimate obstacles in her path. However, since her previous event with Xaildin, she was constantly observed for any signs of rebelious behaviour, and this was seen as one of them.

After time had passed, the Organization saw no need for Driax to remain within their presence any longer, as it was concluded that exposure to them was giving her the knowledge she was gaining to practice her skills, and even causing her to be more independant. To a degree, Driax was becoming more so her own...thing, though because of a shadily anonymous decision, she was soon left on another world, alone without anyone else to help her. Her last words spoken to her was that she was a success and a failure, of which confused her entirely, and to this day, is what she ponders. Becoming a drifter, she clings to others for random intervals of time, either when she feels she needs to move on or they leave her either out of annoyance or fear. Driax has little understanding of the complexity of, what she call's 'Fulls', though does hr best to try and get along with them, or understand them. Driax has fought many creatures of ferality that have tried to claim her powerful energy, and she has become more atuned to her 'other side.' As of now she still wanders around, wondering the meaning of her last words she heard, and wondering what she is supposd to do.

Element: Energy
Most often used in the form of pulses or shockwaves, Driax can also emit energy from her armor pieces to create a more solid form for either a shield or another weapon.
Weapon: Driax fights with a pair of lances that can also change into brace mounted mini-cannons. It's part of the living armor that is attatched to her life energy, of which also turn into hr wings in her more draconic form. This also allows her to charge her wings to rain down energy blasts or shockwaves.
Theme Song: (Optional, but I always find this fun.)
Other: (Anything I missed?)
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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