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Default looking for a clan

im a battler (competetively) in platinum and white

i use poke-gen pokemon and so my IV are always max (in plat i use the all iv 31 mark in PC code) i do not cheats for higher than normal stats, i do not give pokemon a move it may otherwise never learn i ev train properly, due to the IV cheat i cannot trade my pokemon but other than that i have legit pokemon.

im looking for a clan that has lots of battling and i enjoy tournaments and wars (was on a site with a similar concept altho not as defined)
plat: ninjask weavile lucario arcanine milotic alakazam
white: victini, terrakion, gengar, milotic, jirachi, hydreigon

Platinum: 2924-1403-4459
White: 4599-2520-0472

Cell: (907) 401-0793 hit me up and lets battle (include name, friend code and reason ur texting) i get a lot of random texts