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Default Astoria: Pop Goes the Buizel (Ready for Grading)

Pokemon to Capture:
Characters Needed: 5K-10K
Characters: 5825

Light seeped through the cream colored curtains, enlightening the dark room. Astoria awoke, the light finally penetrating her deep sleep. She turned over to glance at the floor, which featured a red knight-like Pokemon curled up in a sleeping bag. It had been a full week since she had become friends with Pawniard, and the two had been getting along pretty well. The first night had been a little rough for the two. When they fell asleep in their tent the first night, Pawniard had chopped off a part of Astoria's locks in her sleep. Now the girl knew to never be any where near the Pokemon while her claws are flashing.

Astoria smiled down at her Pokemon, who was still snoozing merrily. "Pawniard." Astoria whispered, and the Pokemon awoke drowsily, and blinked the sleep out of her eyes. "Are you hungry?" she asked.

"Pawn." the Pokemon agreed, and Astoria stood, and walked over to her bag that was placed lazily next to the closet. The Pokemon Center rooms were small, plain, but extremely cozy and welcoming. Astoria wondered on entry about how many usually stay in the Pokemon center. Astoria dressed, fixed her her platinum blonde waves in the mirror, and put on some makeup before leading Pawniard downstairs to breakfast. This happened every morning, Pawniard watching her master paint her face with amusement. The first morning the Pokemon even went as far to put make up on herself, which her master smiled down at her, and whipped in off.

The warm aroma of bacon and sausage filled the trainers nose, and she found herself practically skipping down to the buffet. Astoria reached into her bag, pulled out a can of Pokemon food she purchased from the mart, and placed it in a bowl for her Pokemon to eat. After she finished, the girl made her way over to the buffet, and helped herself to some pancakes, sausage, and bacon. She made her way back to a table, where Pawniard was eating her chow merrily.

"Hey, do you mind if I join you?" Astoria looked up and noticed a boy with light hair, and warm brown eyes. The girl smiled, and nodded. He sat down in the seat across from her, and Pawniard watched him in interest. "I'm Lucas." he introduced himself, his voice deep and slightly southern sounding. Astoria swallowed her bite of bacon before speaking.

"I'm Astoria, and this is Pawniard." the girl smiled sweetly, and he nodded to the knight Pokemon."Do you have any Pokemon?" she asked, and he nodded, reaching in his jean pocket for a Pokeball. He pressed the button, and in a flash of white light, a blue dinosaur with a bulb on his back appeared. "Wow!" Astoria smiled, and Pawniard watched the Bulbasaur in interest.

"I'm going fishing, do you want to come along?" Lucas asked after they finished breakfast. It turns out that they had both just started their journey in the past week, and they had quite a few things in common. Astoria nodded, and they both returned their Pokemon to their Pokeballs. The two got their things out of their rooms, and headed out on he dirt road, until they made it to a large pond a mile away. Lucas sat down on the edge, and handed the blonde a fishing pole. She joined him on the pond's edge, and she placed a flashy colored bait on the end.

Nearly an hour passed from the initial reel, and the two found themselves chatting merrily about their hopes, dreams, and Pokemon they looked forward to meeting. Distracted, the girl barely noticed the tug on her line. "You've got a bite!" Lucas pointed, and the two jumped up, tugging the pole as the Pokemon beneath pulled it his way. The water rippled violently until the Pokemon beneath gave in. In a large splash, a large orange weasel jumped out of the water, slightly out of breath from pulling. Lucas gave Astoria the thumbs up to catch it, and she nodded.

"Pawniard, go!" Astoria sent her Pokeball out, and the knight Pokemon appeared in a flash. "Metal Claw please!" Pawniard rushed at the Pokemon in a fast speed, her claws shining. She slashed at Buizel, who fell back to the ground, but quickly got up. Buizel swished his tail, and a Sonic Boom headed towards Pawniard. "Defend yourself with you claws!" Pawniard stood on her knees, and places her claws in front of her for protection. The attack hit, and Pawniard was pushed back, unscathed. "Iron Head!" Pawniard ran at Buizel, her helmet pointing out menacingly. Pawniard slammed Buizel into a tree, the bark cracking from the force. Pawniard made her way back to Astoria as Buizel tried to stand in the rubble.

A large sphere of water began forming around the Buizel, and the orange Pokemon kicked his feet up, flying through the air, water zooming around him. "It's Aqua Jet, Pawniard brace yourself!" the girl shouted, but it was too late. Buizel slammed into Pawniard, who flew back several feet. Buizel stood once again as Pawniard got up, out of breath. Buizel was panting as well, both Pokemon looking roughed up. "Metal Claw!" Astoria pointed, and Pawniard lashed out at the weasel, faster than both times. "Spin!" Lucas watched in amazement as Pawniard jumped high into the air, and began spinning, her claws shimmering in the sun.

'Buizel could either get hit with Pawniard's claws, or her helmet blade.' the boy though, staring in horror. Pawniard slashed the Buizel, who fell back several feet. Pawniard went again for a second swipe, but Astoria's voice rang high and clear over the seen. "Enough Pawniard." she smiled, and Pawniard stopped, looking back at her master in confusion. Astoria made her way over to the Buizel, and kneeled down next to it, holding the weasel up. "I'm Astoria, and I'd like you to come on my journey with me." she asked, smiling widely. Lucas looked at the girl in shock. The Buizel looked at her, and Astoria pulled out a Pokeball, tapping his head, and absorbing the Pokemon. It wiggled in her hands until...

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