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Dr. Gregory Matthew Xanatos
Enginez Deviant
Off of Highway 5
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel Sable), Velo (Simon Pruitt)

I give the woman a few seconds while she stares blankly at me. I retreat in my head to see what Dos is and was doing.

Dos and I have this strange ability, although I didn't think it was strange until a few years back, when I discovered it was unique. Whenever we retreat into each other's minds, we can access the other's memories like our own. It is really convenient: no need to worry about one of us neglecting to divulge information, and it's not like we need to keep secrets. I realize it probably stemmed from my need for someone to confide completely in, as I never really trusted anyone, even when I was younger: I was always singled out as the weird kid. It was before the WAE, so I thought it was just a phase. I laugh at the irony in my head.

Due to this strange ability, I can see that 'V' the gargoyle just told the Sonas in the Antitivity battle about her... unique situation. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at the divulging of this incredibly obvious fact, although I thought Dos was stupid for being so overt about his discovery before (really, rubbing it into her face?). The girl told me to take the frail boy with me and follow her, but she didn't tell me her eventual destination. Dos, fortunately, heard that I should be going to Grant's Pass, OR, or else I would have been very tempted to simply take my chances elsewhere: I don't like not knowing the eventual destination.

I opened the trunk of my truck and have just finished putting the seats down when it hits me. I was fresh out of my residency, so I was used to lack of sleep, but I wasn't an automaton: as I add it up, I realize that I have gotten 5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, and I was positively crashing: I would never be able to drive to Grant's Pass, I'd kill myself and the kid before I got there. So I do the only thing I can think of and toss the keys to the kid. Then I speak using my most authoritative voice:

"Listen up. I am giving you the keys to the car that is now MINE. You are going to follow that motorcycle all the way to Grant's Pass, Oregon. You are going to drive this truck, after I put your motorcycle in, of course, with such precision that a chauffeur would be jealous, because if we or this truck dies, I swear I will kill you. Am I clear?"

I proceed to load the motorcycle in the trunk and over the horizontal captain's chairs. I go
over the front passenger's seat and close the door.


Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Antitivity battle blah

Greg's life is finally interesting.

When V (I'm going off the name the mechanic's Sona called her) told everyone of the incredibly obvious, I resist the urge to roll my eyes. I faze out quickly as Doc gleans the information about where he needs to go from my memories, and immediately begin thinking: Doc found V's Deviant, THE number one target of every WAE ever. If Doc wasn't so ready to pass out, he probably wouldn't let her out of his sight for a yoctosecond. Just like the way I was going to be with V. I try to make his life a bit easier as I address the gargoyle Sona:

"V, could you tell your Deviant to stop busting Doc's balls? It really is grating, especially since he's trying to help. Thanks."

Michael Mikulak
Tungz Deviant
WAE HQ Interrogation Room #44
ARPers: Velo (Teri)

All of a sudden, I am being moved from my prison.

My escort looks at me with triumphant eyes. He seems almost smug. Then I realize it's not almost. I am being taken to the same interrogation room (#44), but there really is only one reason for there to be previously absent smugness.

After breaking so many, I learned quite a few names: Adrian Acursio, Drauvant Domini, many other big players in the WAE. But one name stuck out more than any other. The name was a warning, an anticipation, and a beckoning challenge all in one. Every single one of my broken used the name, first with reverence and fear, then with disgust and fear. The bearer of the name, I was told, was unsympathetic, a sociopath who cared naught but for her own person and sating her sadism. The bearer of the name, I was told, was the single most skilled Deviant breaker the WAE had. The name in question, as any WAE would tell you, was Theresa Maverick.

The clamp on my mouth releases and falls to the floor, after I sit in the room. On my foot. My very exquisitely designed bracelets keep me from removing it, so I kick it across the room. Then I wait.
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