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Thanks, Scy. ^^ *is glomped* Hi, Grassy. @.@ And I'm pretty sure I remember you DE. Omigosh, you're right. We are the original group, huh? XD Anyway, no need to feel weird around here. Weird is as weird does. *nods*

Stryk: I don't think that's how it goes. >.>

Chip: *huggles Snowcrystal* Aw! I missed you guys!

Helio: Doesn't seem like Rikka was too worried about the quiet.

*watches Shadow* Since when are you Reggie?

Holly: *latches onto Aggranium* HIII-EEEEE!! XD

Wow, only left one post and already things are getting rowdy. ^^'
So, my sister is moved into her house. Her dogs are gone. We're starting to get control over things again (just in time for the weather to change so I can work on the yard-- woohoo). And I has fic ideas. ^^
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