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Default Re: [SU] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Can has reservation? I'll probably have them finished sometime tomorrow or the next day (although half of twins' is all I have right now because I'm lazy). Also, Kei Ochima has given me permission to accept, ban and reserve users from the RP so if I pop up in response to your SU don't freak out. :3

Oh and Kei7137 :D

Name: Ichiru Kagami

Age: Appears to be 18

Gender: Male

What You Are: Vampire

Personality: Ichiru is very calm and collected, and normally keeps to himself. He only really interacts with people he knows, although heís not exactly unfriendly. Spending the past several years with his friends and family has made him a lot more social and open than he was in the past, but he is still more or less the same. He can come off as a bit distant sometimes, and maybe a little harsh, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut in order to prevent hurting someone. He doesnít really like to show his emotions, choosing to remain emotionless in most cases, although heís really a sweet and caring person under his rough exterior. He is annoyed quite easily, although it takes a lot more to actually anger him. However, if he is angered, Ichiru can and occasionally will grow violent. He acts as Kisekiís Ďbrainí sometimes, being the thought that comes before his brotherís reckless actions. Although he isnít very trusting, Ichiru, like his brother, is very loyal to anyone who happens to become one of his friends.

Ichiru doesn't like authority at all, being the type that likes to do what he wants when he wants. However, he will oblige to what he's told if it's reasonable or mandatory. He tends to clash with the leaders of a group a lot of the time, if he doesn't particularly like them, although depending on the situation he will try to adjust his attitude in order to get along with them. Since he analyzes the consequences of his actions before he does them, Ichiru can easily adapt his attitude to get along with or work alongside someone even if he doesn't like them. However, when it comes to Kiseki or anyone else he cares about, he can be extremely reckless and doesn't tend to think much about what he does before he does it.

Appearance: Jet black hair comes down to the nape of his neck in a ruffled mess, and his bangs come down just past his nose, swaying to the left and almost always covering his eye. His eyes themselves are a piercing emerald green, which stand out against his dark hair and pale skin. He has two piercings at the top of his left ear, as well as a lip piercing; a simple silver stud on his bottom lip that he rarely bothers to take out. He also has a Lapis Lazuli ring which he hardly ever takes off that permits him to go into the sunlight.

History: Ichiru originally grew up in Fells Church with his twin brother, Kiseki Kagami. The two were raised by their mother, Isobel, since their father disappeared soon after the twinsí birth(s). He lived a pretty normal life, although he rarely interacted with anyone his age aside from his brother.

When he was 14, Ichiruís mother left to run some errands, but never returned, leaving the twins by themselves. They knew none of their other relatives, and those that they had known were either dead or missing. Ichiru took it upon himself to take care of his brother for the next few years until one fateful day when he encountered a strange young lady in the grocery store. She told him that she knew where his mother was, as well as what had happened to her. Before he knew it, he was lying in a dark alley with an ache in his neck, a pool of blood around him and a horrible thirst. It didnít take him long at all to figure out what had happened when the sunlight began to burn his skin, and he developed a lust for human blood.

With his brother still a human, Ichiru knew he couldnít go back and risk biting him, so he didnít. He left Fells Church and went to a more isolated place to live. The guilt ate him alive, but he knew he couldnít go back. Over time, he built up a bit of an immunity to his thirst, gaining control over himself. He can now be around humans without going insane, although it canít be for too long. Due to a ring that he found he had when he woke up as a Vampire, he is able to go out into the sunlight without being burned.

Upon returning to Fells Church, and reuniting with his brother, Ichiru met a girl named Ashley Gilbert, with whom he quickly fell in love with despite the many dangers of her being a human. With Ashley came a group of people that changed his life forever. Their lives together were anything but easy, but at the same time so enjoyable he wouldn't wish for it any other way.

A few months into Ichiru's return, the twins were reunited with their long lost sister, Kotomi, and found out that both their mother and father, James, were still alive. However, James proved to be one of the bigger threats in their lives for a while, proving that their relationship with him was never to be mended.

After the final incident with Klaus, the twins left town with their friends and family, and Ichiru eventually married Ashley, who he produced twin girls, Abigail and Scarlet, with. After nineteen peaceful years away from Fells Church, the twins are now returning to their hometown. However, little do they know that their past will be coming back to haunt them.

RP Sample: Plenty of them in Fells Church :P :

Other: The husband of Ashley, father of Abigail and Scarlet, and older brother of Kiseki and Kotomi

Name: Kiseki Kagami

Age: Appears 18

Gender: male

What You Are: Vampire

Personality: Kisekiís personality is more or less summed up as a Ďball of endless energyí. The complete opposite of his brother, he is a very friendly and energetic person, and loves to make new friends. Although he is very smart, Kiseki can be somewhat clueless and/or dense at times. Heís a bit emotional - possibly too much so for a guy, but that just makes him all the more loveable. He isnít angered easily at all, and even when he is, itís easy to calm him back down. He doesnít particularly like to fight, even though he is extremely stubborn. However, if the situation calls for it, he will. Although Kiseki has a very forgiving and sweet nature, if his trust is betrayed, it can be extremely difficult - if not impossible to get it back. However, with loyalty being one of his strongest traits, Kiseki would never abandon someone who needed help - even if it was a stranger. He hates to see others in pain, be it physically or emotionally and is willing to do anything in his power to help them.

Appearance: Kiseki is the mirror image of his brother, with jet black hair that falls down to the nape of his neck which is always a ruffled mess. His bangs come down a little past his nose and sway to the right, rather than the left, normally covering his right eye. His eyes are a piercing emerald green, and normally can portray any emotion he is feeling with ease. When he becomes angered or is thirsty, they turn a bright crimson red, and the pupils shrink into slits depending on the level of rage. Like Ichiru, he wears a Lapis Lazuli ring in order to be able to go out into the sunlight.

History: Kiseki grew up in Fells Church with his twin brother, Ichiru and his mother, Isobel. He had never met his father, but after learning that he disappeared right after the twinsí birth(s), he never really wanted to. His childhood was pretty normal; he and Ichiru attended the local school(s), and Kiseki made his fair share of friends like anyone else would. Ichiru was always more closed off to others, but he was always there. Every bit of Kisekiís past that he can remember, his brother was there beside him. Until that day.

When he was 14, Kisekiís mother went to run errands one day and never came back. He and Ichiru lived on their own, still attending school like normal students, and pretending nothing ever happened. Ichiru seemed to take the role as a guardian over his brother, although Kiseki preferred for them to share the chores and whatnot equally. Two years later, Ichiru left to go to the grocery store, but never returned - almost just like their mother. Kiseki was on his own now. He didnít know what had happened, or if heíd ever see his brother again.

He didnít move or stop attending school, although the absence of Ichiru seemed to alarm many people. He managed living on his own by getting a job in addition to his remaining years in high school. For three years he lived this way, not even bothering to make any friends at Robert E. Lee High School. He had resolved that he would never see Ichiru again, and that he would have to live on his own from then on. However, these thoughts were shattered the instant he bumped into a boy that was the mirror image of himself outside of the school. It took Ichiru a little while to reveal to him that he was a Vampire - he didn't even want to move back into their old home at first - but Kiseki was just happy he was back and alive.

Through Ichiru, he was introduced to Ashley and the rest of the group, whom he had attended school with all that time but never gotten to know, and his life changed for the better. A few months later, while out with his friend Jeremy, Kiseki was involved in a car crash that killed him instantly. However, because of the Vampire blood he had forced Ichiru to give him four months earlier, Kiseki was brought back as a Vampire. Naturally he felt like his life was over and that he would never be able to control himself well enough to be around his friends, but one of Ashley's friends, a girl named Caroline, helped him through his first day. As expected, Kiseki quickly fell for her.

Not too long after, the twins were reunited with Kotomi, who had been separated from them at the young age of three, as well as their mother. They discovered that their father, James was still alive as well, although this quickly proved to be anything but a relief when he revealed his true colors. After the incident with Klaus, Kiseki left town with the others, eventually marrying Caroline during the time of their peaceful separation from their hometown.

Now, with the horrible events involving Klaus and his followers nineteen years into the past, Kiseki is returning to Fells Church with his family and friends, hoping that their peace can continue. However, somehow he already knows that this is impossible.

RP Sample: --

Other: Husband of Caroline, younger twin of Ichiru and older brother of Kotomi
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