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Default Re: TES V: Skyrim - Dovahkiin Reborn

Escape From Helgen - Cont'd

"He was a good man," said the woman, "and a good soldier."

Revak nodded, "Sadly he'll have to stay here," she nodded solemly. "Are you all right? Name's Revak, my friend is Ralof. What's your name?"

"My name is Sigrid. I got a couple bruises from landing and a burn from the flames, but nothing serious," she said as she removed her helm, revealing her brown hair and light eyes. She picked up her former companion's axe and placed it on his chest, folding his hands over it, "Dagar, I'll see you in Sovengarde, brother." Sigrid turned to Revak, "We'd come to get any prisoners out of this wretched place," she looked at the Nord in the cage, "are we too late?"

Ralof walked to the cage, and shook his head.

"Do you know a way out of Helgen? What's going on on the surface?"

She shuddered, "The whole village is lost, that monster is picking off soldiers one by one and destroying the entire keep. The only way out is the way we came, but I think it's been blocked."

"I think I may know a way," Ralof said, "I told you I used to be sweet on a girl from here? She and I would meet in some caverns below the keep. I could get in without her parent's even knowing I was here. There might be a way to get in from here."

Revak shrugged, "Might as well try." He looked at the Sigrid, "You ready to go?"

She scoffed, "Me? Ready to kill some Imperials? Next Imperial I see is dead."

"Good," he laughed quietly as they left the torture chamber behind them. Revakaal took the lead, the other two in tow. They found themselves in a winding hallway, and Revak guessed by the smell of dirt and water they were pretty deep underground, "Which way did you come?" he asked Sigrid as he kept moving down the tunnel.

"A little ways down there's another path, we came from there. It connects to the main hall, " Revak nodded as they continued. "Your accent, it's strange," Sigrid said as she caught up with Revak, "You're not from Skyrim?"

"No," Revak said shaking his head, "I was raised in Skyrim, but I spent much of my time in Cyrodiil."

"Wait," she put her good hand on his shoulder and stopped him, "Cyrodiil? You didn't fight for the Empire? Did you?"

Revak knew he needed to step lightly here, "No," he said, gesturing that they should continue forward, "I didn't, but my, uh, father did. He was something of a hero in the Legion. A sort of legend." Revak hated lying, but he didn't think the world was ready for Talos quite yet.

Sigrid stiffened, "I knew it! I saw how you disarmed that mage, that wasn't something that the Stormcloaks teach; that was an Imperial move."

"My father taught me how to fight," Revak shrugged, "Look, I hold no love for how the Empire has acted in all this - like how they removed Talos from the Divines," bastards, "but I'm no Stormcloak either."

"You are going to have to choose sometime," said Ralof from behind them, "Maybe not now, but you've seen the true face of the Empire today."

Revak scowled, "I've seen the actions of a few members of the Empire. I'm not going to place judgement on the entire Empire for the actions of a few Legionaires."

They were silent for a time, as they continued, until they reached and intersection of the tunnels. "There," Sigrid said, pointing, "that's the way we came." They turned left only to find the entire tunnel shaking, and next thing they knew they were on their backs again and the tunnel in front of them blocked by rocks.

"Damned dragon doesn't give up easy does it?" Ralof said, picking himself up.

"Apparently not," Sigrid said with a sigh, "I guess we go the other way. I hope it opens up into that cavern you were talking about."

They turned and made their way down the other path. It opened up into a doorway, leading down some small stairs and into small underground stream.

"Is this it?" Revak turned to Ralof.

"Must be," he shrugged, "I never knew how she got down into the caverns, just that they were there"

They followed the stream to a dead end, the only path being a small tunnel, "Guess we have to go that way," Revak said softly, "let's go."

The tunnel was too small for them to walk through normally. Instead they had to walk sideways, almost crawling along the wall. Luckily, that little tunnel was short and opened up into a large cavern; but something felt off. There was some weird sticky material along the walls and floor, and large sacks of something Revak didn't recognize were littered about, as well as the leftovers of animals. The three stood there silent for a moment. Revak drew his sword, as did the others draw their weapons. Just as they did three shapes fell from the cavern's ceiling.

Three frostbite spiders landed in front of them. They were arge green and red beasts that were the size of a large dog, "Watch out for poison!" Revak cried as he dodged a spider that had charged him. He sidestepped the eight legged monstrosity and slashed at one of it's legs as it past; severing the leg from the body. The creature cried out in pain and lunged at Revak again, this time it jumped in the air. With a cry he slashed at it mid-air and the spider fell to the ground in front of him, cut nicely in half. The others dispatched their spiders, and the three stood catching their breath.

"I hate those things," Ralof grunted between breaths, "too many eyes you know?" Revak laughed as he wiped his blade clean and sheathed it. He was careful to avoid the webs they continued down the cavern, and into a large open area where they met the stream again.

"At least we're heading in the right direction," Sigrid said pointing at the water, "That should lead to an exit sooner or later."

They followed the water, until Ralof stopped Revak in his tracks by blocking him with his arm, "Hold up!" he whispered as he crouched low, "There's a bear up ahead! See her?"

Revak saw her now, a large black cave bear was resting in the open area just ahead, "We could sneak by or take our chances, " Revak said softly.

"Or we can take it out from here," Sigrid laughed. She picked an arrow from her quiver and drew her bow smoothly. She aimed carefully then let loose the arrow. The bear cried in pain, and tried to get up, but it was too injured to move. The arrow was stuck firmly in it's neck and within seconds it ceased moving.

"Nice shot," Revak laughed as they passed the bear and Sigrid collected her arrow, "you hunt a lot?"

Sigrid nodded, "My father used to hunt out in Eastmarch before he died."

"What happened if you don't mind me asking?" Revak said.

"He was executed by the Empire. He was a devout worshiper of Talos, and he preached all over Skyrim once they removed him from the Divines," she said softly. "They executed him publicly in Solitude to make an example of him and to show that the damn Empire meant it when they banned Talos worship."

Then he reached under her chainmail and pulled out an amulet, a golden symbol all too familiar to Revak, "This was my father's Amulet of Talos," she said holding it gently, "it's all that's left of him now."

Revak raised an eyebrow, "May I?" he said holding out his hand. Reluctantly, she removed the amulet and placed it gently in his hand. Here is one of my people, he thought, forced to worship her father's god in secret. To worship me in secret. He wasn't sure if he had any power, but he blessed it as best he could. Protect the wearer of this amulet from all foes, and if the worst passes, grant her a good death and a place in Sovngarde. "It's a beautiful piece," he said returning it to her, "treasure it. You never know; it might be lucky."

She smiled weakly as she put the amulet back on and tucked it under her armor. They walked for a few moments before they saw daylight. Their eyes squinting in the sun they left the cave. Their noses were assaulted by the thick smell of pine and crisp snow.

They stood there, soaking in their freedom, "Thank the Nine we made it," Ralof said, as he turned to the others, "I wonder if Ulfric made it out."

"He's Ulfric! He shouted the high king to death. I'm sure he can survive a dragon attack," Sigrid said with a smile, "I mean we did."

Revak smiled, but then heard that the similar roar of the dragon once again, "Everyone DOWN!" he cried as he pushed the others to the ground just as a large black figure soared overhead. Revak checked and saw that the dragon was flying North and away.

"By the gods," Ralof whispered. They watched in silence as the dragon flew over the mountains and out of sight. A shiver went down Revakaal's spine, that had to have been Alduin. The only other dragon he'd seen that size was Akatosh himself. It was unnerving that he'd run into Alduin already. He wondered if worm had noticed him. If he could sense him at all. It was an unsettling thought that he didn't know for sure.

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