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Default Re: Gallery/Pixel Dump

That's supposed to be the top of "delichars" head, but I guess it is a little awkwardly high.. he'd have an awful tall head! lol oh well!

I've decided to put my time to use and work on some sprites for my region, even though I don't officially have plans to do a whole set. I got ~*~inspired~*~ and came up with ideas for starters and started them on a whim.

I have an idea for Splendi, we'll have to see how that goes. My grass starter is pretty cool if I do say so myself, but it's still a WIP, so I'll post again when I've finished. Annnyway this is a fire/psychic type starter based on the betta fish. You're supposed to be able to see Bitta's skeleton... well I tried lol. Splendaria's tail gave me hell but I'm pretty okay with how it turned out.

idk, I'm pretty new to scratching, I know the shading is pretty bad on these.
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