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Default Chane Unx

Name: Chane Unx

Age: 19

Appearance: Chane wears a ragged (and often torn) blue and green flannel jacket, with a black, ragged t-shirt beneath (it reads "I'm off in my own little world...But don't worry, they know me here."). His jeans are ragged and torn, and obviously not on purpose. Chane himself is rather thin, tall (about 6-foot-2), and usually looks either smug or bored in the face. His hair is black and straight-and is one of the few things on his whole body that doesn't look untidy, as for some reason, no combing is nessicary to keep it straight, and no shower is needed to keep it clean...Seemingly.

That being said, he's only wearing all that to stir up emphathy and get on good terms with people's hearts (and not pay too much if he loses them). If it's a good occassion AND people there KNOW he's rich, then he'll dress appropriately for his social class: Black tux, good clothes, expensive shoes. He rarely goes flamboyant with his dress, even with the knowledge of his true wealth in plain sight.

Current Class: Pokemon Trainer

Intended Class: Researcher, Psychic, Influential, Professor

History: He was born into the Unx family as it's sole heir, which is, with NO CONTEST, the single most wealthy family you could possibly think of in all of Sinnoh, possibly the whole world. That entitled him to most of his father's resources. However, his life, regardless of his rich lifestyle, was lived in almost total seclusion in his own room.

Sure, he ate and slept on a regular, healthy basis, and he went outside in the personal gardens when his father forced him to, but other than that, all you'd ever see him do is study. Many kids simply don't want to learn that much stuff-Chane, to his father's misery, wanted to learn too much. So much so, that he neglected his need to build up muscles or good reflexes. Unlike most kids, who usually took up Pokemon training for a few years instead of going to middle school, and possibly stuck to it if they were good, skipping high school as well, he made sure that he stayed in both, and was planning on going to College. The College of choice-which was forcibly selected by his father-requires at least two recorded years of Pokemon Training. Rather than bother with that, he studied on his own instead, at the College level no less, until finally, his father, tempted to pull out his whole head's worth of hair at this point, forcibly tore his son away from his books and set himself in a tiny room with him.

"Chane, if you do NOT leave the house and go on one of thoes Pokemon Journies, for at least a year, I will personally give ALL of your inheritance to your uncle, leave you with narry a dime, and tell your Uncle to never spend a cent of it on you. It's not healthy for ANYONE to spend his WHOLE LIFE in a ROOM, and you know that well enough! I will not give a cent to a man who will do NOTHING but read books!"

That got Chane motivated to get out of the house. However, he wasn't just studying unrelated crud for the heck of it. He studied Pokemon Biology to become a Pokemon Professor, and is dead-set on becoming smart enough to become one...That, and getting a lab going, which requires a generous sum of money. One that's now put at risk. If getting that money means he goes on a Pokemon Journey, well, why not?

Personality: As most of his life occured in a single room, most would be suprised at his immediate ability to know how society operates. He studied more than just Pokemon Biology (though that's definately what he wants to focus on), and albeit his main focus for the journey itself is to simply get a year of Pokemon Training experiance down so he collects his father's inheritance and start being a real Pokemon Professor, he was definately smart enough to 'minor' in Psychology. He knows how people work, and if an obstacle presents itself, he's going to word his way out of it first.

However, don't be entierly fooled. He's not a mean or manipulative guy by nature, but he's definately not caring or nice either. He will not so much as bother to react emotionally when he sees someone he doesn't really know die nearby him. Threats, if coming from someone expected to do them, are likely to be taken in stride (but not ignored). He will notice the situation around him, frankly, but...Seriously, he's not going to react unless reaction is nessicary. He's Passive by nature. He's going to react if it concerns him, but if it does not, he will not bother. He's not lazy, either, but he doesn't like moving in excess, and if speed isn't nessicary, he'll walk. Few people know he's rich enough to say that he could literally swim in a pool of cash and not be totally lying, but he's not flaunting his money around either.

Of course, his ultimate goal is to be a Pokemon Professor, screw the men who say otherwise. He's also using it as 'hands-on' experiance with a Pokemon in it's natural habitat to further his knowledge of it, so the journey helps him, and the journey pays off by getting his inheritance. Nice.

On another note, he's getting weird headaches at times...

Plans: Get the Journey over with as soon as possible. If there's any benefit, than it's a bonus, and if there's any reason to continue it, then he probably will, but he'll end it in a heartbeat if reason no longer exists.

Current Party: Iry the Litwick (Pronounced "Eerie), Data the Porygon

Pokemon Wishlist: Chandelure, Porygon-Z, Eelectross, Lapras, Ferrowthorn, Dragonite, Espeon, ANY LEGENDARY POKEMON (really, he'd love it if anyone had it, so long as he could access it. Really, any rare Pokemon that some people don't even get to see in their lifetimes is almost certianly a want by this guy.)



Ability Scores:

HP (Con Value x 4 + Trainer Level x 4): 36
STR: 8 (-2)
DEX: 8 (-2)
CON: 9 (-1)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 11

Feats: N/A

Proficiancies: N/A

Equipment: Rare Candy x2, Map of Suvaty, Rubber Bullet

Money: 3000 (He started out with much more, but it's stowed away in a bank account in case his father dies while he's out.)

Pokedex Seen: He doesn't have a Pokedex yet! However, he'd count 2 Seen, 2 Owned (Both Iry and Data)
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