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Default Re: The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan

Originally Posted by Latio-Reol View Post
I've been keeping an eye on this. I like it...I'm curious what's going on with Farren. Keep up the good work.
Thanks! I won't let you down! :D

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
I've just got to say--I've been thoroughly enjoying this story~! :D I think it's a very fresh take on the typical "Journey" genre fan-fic, and it's executed very well. Farren's a fascinating character--I like reading through his perspective--the perspective of someone from "our world". A lot of his little mental quips are really quite humorous ("Too bad there isn't a Burger King in Unova." xD). Personally, I can't wait to read more about his adventures :D

The way you set up the other characters is interesting as well. After Farren, Bianca would be my next favorite character. I think you portrayed her excellently, and I like how you expanded her back story with her family. Poor Bianca, though D: She ran away from home... Goll, I hope we hear from her soon as well.

And now I'm curious. Can we expect a certain, misunderstood giant genetic insect to play a role in this story? Hmmmmmmm? :)

On a side note... I remember reading one of your fan-fics a while back that was like this one---"Frozen World", right? Is this kind of a rehash of it? If so, I like the new direction you took with this. :D The characters are much more interesting, and I'm looking forward to more! :D
Aww! Thank you! :3 I quite like Farren myself. He's an experimental character. Just wait until I start doing story arc summaries every ten or so chapters. The funny will really begin there!

I'm going to have a lot of fun with Bianca. Cheren is going to be a bit of a challenge... I'm going to also, hopefully, write from the point of view of one other character somewhat soon, and that'll be the biggest challenge of all. Hint, it won't be Genna... And we'll be hearing from Bianca again in chapter eleven, I think. Chapter nine will be from Cheren's point of view, and ten will be from Farren's.

Well, I can say that we will see some pretty interesting action from more than just a certain misunderstood giant genetic insect... It'll be much more difficult to incorporate it into the story than... well, I think I'll stop talking there.

Oh yes, definitely like Frozen World. I lost steam when it came to that story, regrettably. I had this idea for Trials not too long before acting on it, because I had a huge hankering to write a fanfiction along the same basis as Frozen World. There is only one key similarity, though. That won't be evident until much, much later into the story though!

Without further ado, the next chapter!

Chapter Eight - Eco-Friendly

Point of View: Farren

The ball shook once. The ball shook twice... No dice. After the second shake, the Audino I had the intention of catching broke free from the ball, making the Lillipup I made all that effort and wasted two Poké Balls catching (using a third to catch it) look so much easier. After breaking free, it began to panic and run around in circles. I had tried going back to that enclosed area with the trees, but it immediately sprinted as fast as it could (which was certainly faster than I thought possible for that Pokémon) through all foliage, to the ends of the earth so it could be safe from me. It had ran away, and here I was without an Audino. Professor Juniper made it look incredibly easy.

I looked down at Zorua with a sigh, and he looked at me as if with a raised eye circle, as if with doubt. I agreed: I was pretty doubtful myself. I've already used up four Poké Balls, and I only was able to catch one Pokémon. After that, I had no more tries and I had to go back and face Genna, Cheren and Professor Juniper with only a measly Lillipup. Don't get me wrong: the Lillipup I caught looked rather friendly and very loyal. It kind of made up for never having the chance to own a dog, being a dog Pokémon itself. But it was one Normal-type Pokémon. From what I've seen, there's a lot more in this little forest than just Lillipup and Pidove.

Pulling my éPhone out of my pocket, I checked the time. 1:15 PM. I was running out of time! If I had to be in Accumula Town by 3:00 PM and try and at least look respectable in this competition, I had to find another Pokémon, preferably a one of a different type, and quickly. That was going to be difficult to do with just one Poké Ball. Trying to remember catching a Pokémon in the games I had played as a kid, I never made a conscious effort to catch Pokémon. I just raised two or three and trolled all of the trainers with a team that was always at least five levels higher than theirs.

I turned around, heading away from the small grove, Zorua staying at my side constantly. While I walked, I couldn't help but think about my partner Pokémon for a while. It was always so trusting, so quick to follow. Wasn't it supposed to be a trickster, invoking on the citizens of whatever city Professor Juniper was talking about? Castelia City, I think? On any note, I just was not connecting the dots so well. Zorua just seemed so well behaved, and I couldn't help but notice. Focused, cunning and creative as well as powerful, loyal and a force that cannot be phased easily. I still wonder if it thought about what I had said last night when I suggested being from another world. On that note, it took all of the concentration I had to focus on keeping the mindset of a Pokémon trainer and not a Keyblade master.

Dismissing the thought, I figured there was still a lot I didn't know yet. I think I was already at the point where I may never figure it out. Would I be happy with being stuck in this world forever? Not quite. Was it really that bad? Definitely not. At this point, though it is not like I do not remember my non-Pokémon memories, it has definitely seemed like they are not worth having anymore. But I would like some closure to this. Will I get that? I doubt it, but I suppose anything is possible. Everything seemed a little too unpredictable at this juncture in time.

Stuck in thought, I focused back on Zorua and Route 1, the more relevant topics. I committed to this contest, or whatever this was. What am I going to do with my remaining Poké Ball, and how am I going to strategically change my odds?

Zorua's ears wiggled, and suddenly its stance became fixed and determined. Quickly I too became tense, looking about my surroundings for whatever Zorua perceived. Acting on instinct, it scurried down the winding road, passing by a sign that said "3 Miles to Accumula Town". I ran after it, looking around wherever, trying to keep up. I didn't see or hear anything. But Zorua kept running after whatever had caught its attention. It just proves that certain Pokémon have incredible senses that we can never understand, I suppose.

After a few more moments, Zorua had led me to another grove of trees, this one a little more elaborate than the one where Professor Juniper caught that Audino, and stopped in its tracks. It took its stance again, and when I had finally caught up, I could see what its senses had taken notice of and analyzed the situation.

It was a skinny little blue monkey Pokémon, swinging from branch to branch with thin arms and a limber body. It always seemed to have its eyes closed, even when it stopped in place and noticed my Zorua's stare. It seemed to have some sort of ornament on its head, a small blue topper in the shape of a geyser. I immediately took out my éPhone and pointed at the Pokémon, making use of the new App I had downloaded an hour ago when I realized that I didn't have a Pokédex. The App - well, the lite version, which was free and had some limitations - could identify any Pokémon.

"Panpour, the Spray Pokémon," Dexter said from the tiny speakers on the bottom of the éPhone, "Panpour lived in forests long ago, but developed a body that makes it easy to live near water. It can store water in the tufts on its head."

I put away my éPhone quickly, attaching it to the clip on the belt loop on my jeans, glaring at Panpour like Ash Ketchum did in the Pokémon anime back in my world. Perhaps this was my good luck charm.

"Let's go, Zorua! Use Faint Attack!"

Without any hesitation, Zorua simultaneously jolted towards the trees, became cloaked in darkness and disappeared within seconds of pushing off of its hind legs. This confused Panpour: it quickly suffered from a mild panic attack as it frantically looked around for its sneaky opponent. Its curiosity did not burn long. After a few short moments, Zorua reappeared from behind and struck it directly in the back, making it relinquish its grip from the tree. The branch it was clinging to snapped, but it did not completely break off. Panpour fell to the ground but had recovered quickly afterwards, while Zorua gracefully landed on all fours.

In a fit of rage, the primate Pokémon spewed forth a discharge of water from its mouth, which barely missed Zorua. Upon contact with the grass, the liquid began to steam and everything green quickly started to shrivel. What kind of a Water Gun was that?

Zorua immediately took charge and spun into the air, transforming into a Pokémon I could not identify. If my hunch was correct, it was the evolved form of Panpour, which I took notice was an intimidation strategy of Zorua. It was a little taller and more humanlike, with a less agile yet sturdier frame. Its head seemed to have watery "hair" instead of the water spout shaped tuft Panpour had.

Dexter, still operating on my éPhone to my surprise, intervened. "Simipour, the Geyser Pokémon and evolved form of Panpour. The high-pressure water expelled from its tail is so powerful, it can destroy a concrete wall." Too bad this was an illusion and not the real deal.

Panpour tilted its head in confusion, but I knew that just like Oshawott had been panicky when Zorua had transformed into Samurott, this trick would not work for long. That fact reminded me of a move I really wanted to try with Zorua that the éPhone had suggested after I caught Lillipup.

"Zorua, use Sucker Punch!"

Panpour already aware of the trickery had took its stance, but not before Zorua had began its assault at full speed. Right before impact, Zorua's new fists glowed with a violet aura. Panpour was sent flying, but it didn't go far. When it landed on the ground, it struggled to get up, but I knew this battle would end soon.

I began to reach into my backpack and scrounge for the last Poké Ball, but suddenly, a hurried voice stopped me.

"Trainer, please stop! Don't waste that Poké Ball! I own that Pokémon!"

My heart sank. Zorua stopped right in its tracks, and immediately changed back, and Panpour pulled itself up with renewed energy, only this time not to defend itself. Scampering past me, my eyes followed it until it reached its owner, a youthful man in a red uniform. He was taller than me but not by much. He had rope buckled to his belt, a massive backpack and hiking boots, as if he were ready to climb up a mountain, and seemed to move with incredible ease despite the heavy load.

"I'm so sorry, sir," the man said almost tired from running, pulling out his Poké Ball, which sent a beam that upon hitting Panpour sent it into the ball. "My Panpour does love to get out sometimes. I was camping just a mile or two down the path and I overslept. After I had packed up camp, I had realized Panpour had gotten out. Silly me!"

I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Just my luck, I suppose. If it was a wild Pokémon, I probably would have caught it."

I felt kind of cheated. If only this man had been a little more careful with his Pokémon, I wouldn't have such a false sense of hope. But yet I couldn't blame the man. He did seem earnestly sorry. There was no helping it. I had to be grateful for what I had; at least my Zorua didn't act that way. At least Lillipup doesn't seem to be acting that way...

"It kind of looked like you were beating it, too," replied the man, itching the back of his head nervously. "I'm a nature ranger, and we tend to focus more on the environment than training our Pokémon, so you certainly seem like you'd beat me in a battle."

I nodded, dejected. But still I was a Pokémon short, and I probably had a little more than an hour to hightail it to Accumula Town.

The nature ranger frowned, tilting his head. "Is something the matter?"

Surprised, I immediately adjusted my posture. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to make you feel bad; I realize it was just a misunderstanding, but... I was really excited, because I just started my Pokémon journey, and you see I -"

"Not so fast!" the ranger said, interrupting me with a smile. "You say you just started your journey? I've been raising that Panpour for years, and you mean to tell me that you're a rookie? Wow. Shows that I have some learning to do... wait a second, I think I know how I can make it up to you..."

The ranger instantly took the backpack he had off of his shoulders and placed it carefully on the ground. Zorua darted closer to me, sharing my curiosity as the man rummaged through his back, pulling out something cloaked in a white towel. He unwrapped it to reveal a small, lightweight mobile incubator of some sort, which contained a small egg. Approaching me carefully with the contraption in hand, he gave it to me, and I hesitantly accepted it. It wasn't too heavy, but it wasn't too light, either.

"It's a Pokémon egg," he added, pulling his bag back onto his shoulders with little difficulty. "I just came from Route 18 off of the side of this route. "I found it deep in the sandbanks there, and I've had it for quite a while, for the past month. I was helping an old friend excavate the land, and he made an interesting discovery that the place itself might have been a part of the Desert Resort! Don't tell anybody that just yet, because it needs to be published first. But this egg helped him make that discovery, saying it was a Pokémon that can likely be found in the desert with a little digging around. He gave it to me, but I don't really raise Pokémon quite like you trainers do, so I think it'll be better under your care."

I looked at the man blankly, trying to offer some form of appreciation. "Uh, thank you? I just don't know how this works..." That was a partial lie. I do remember a little bit about eggs from Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, but I have no idea how these incubators work.

The man nodded, pointing to the egg. "The thing holding this egg is called an egg case. It works like an incubator, keeping the egg safe and warm until it hatches. Now, my friend cranked up the heat settings for some reason, so don't burn yourself. When the egg starts to glow and shake a little, you might want to get to the nearest Pokémon Center. The Nurse Joy there will be able to assist you, because it will be getting ready to hatch at that point. But if it starts shaking violently and you're nowhere near a Pokémon Center, turn the heat off and open the case, and carefully put the egg on a soft object. I don't think you should worry when trying catching it if it goes crazy."

Chills crawled down my spine. What did he mean by "if it tries to go crazy"? Like, crazy as in Gnarls Barkley crazy, or crazy as in Ted Bundy crazy?

Before I could say or do anything, he started running off, still beaming. "I've got to go! Enjoy your journey!"

And there I was, left with an egg in my hand and a Zorua by my side who I could swear was laughing at my slack-jawed stone-cold appearance.


It was 3:14 PM, and I could finally see the outskirts of Accumula Town on the horizon as I huffed and puffed my way through the final stretch of Route 1. Zorua kept up flawlessly, but I was quickly growing exhausted with my load of responsibilities growing with the egg case in my arms. As I sprinted into the boundaries of the city, I could see Professor Juniper standing next to Genna and a police officer.

The Professor glanced at me with a sigh of relief. Genna looked disappointed, standing with her Tepig on one side and a new Pokémon on the other. That was a little relief to me. She probably only caught one Pokémon, too. I don't know if the egg counted as a second Pokémon, but I was sure to milk this inconvenience for all it was worth.

"I'm glad to see you're all right," the Professor said with a broken smile. "Have you seen Cheren?"

I gulped, slightly edgy with inquisitiveness. "Why? What's wrong?"

The officer stepped forward with a gloomy expression, as if the wind were knocked right out of her. "There was an explosion on Route 17. No one knows how it was caused or if anyone got in the way, but you kids could have been in serious danger. There were damages to Routes 17, 18 and a little to Route 1, but no one knows of the cause or who was involved. After the Unova Fire Department called me, I notified the International Police, but I haven't gotten any notice..."

Suddenly I grew very curious myself. Wouldn't I hear an explosion of such magnitude? Perhaps it was just me, but I thought the whole concept of Pokémon was supposed to be peaceful, despite competitive battling. Since when were explosions a reality in the Pokémon world?
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