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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


Sevv was uncomfortable. There were too many people around, too quickly. They seemed to appear, rapid-fire, right after another, too many that could be important, too many to observe. He preferred to observe people before trying to torment them, or take advantage of a situation, but now there were too many in the social scene. So, he took the most reliable route, escape. Standing on top of a roof gave him a much better vantage point to view what was going on around him, so with a quick teleport, Sevv was once again in his comfort zone.

Apparently, Sevv was not the only one who liked the roofs more than the ground. A woman appeared on a roof near the center of the town and the crowd. She identified herself as the leader of Soar, a group that only wanted to save all the worlds from a future of tyranny. Or so she said. Sevv couldn't help but smirk as she talked, making herself sound like the sole good sent from whatever gods there were out there. He had learned long ago that there really was no such thing as good and evil, only chaos and order, either of which can be made by someone "good" or "evil."

Then, when the portals were open, Sevv almost lunged into the dark portal without a second thought. After all, mindless destruction was what he preferred, and he preferred that the company he kept didn't care about petty morals. But something held him back, a nagging feeling in the back of his head. He should think about this, try and discover a reason to go towards either side. So, Sevv sat down on the edge of the roof and began to delve into his mind, trying to discover a reason to fight for either side.

He was running through the forest. They were taking her! He couldn't let that happen, couldn't let the only good thing in his miserable ten years of life be stolen away in the middle of the night. And as if the blow wasn't enough, the person stealing her was the only other person he trusted in the world. Or thought he trusted. How could his caretaker do this?

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He had to get her back, had to catch up to the form quickly disappearing into the mist. Putting on a burst of speed, he managed to catch a glimpse of her black hair draped over her captors shoulder, the faint glow of her pale blue eyes, identical to his own. However, that burst of speed only lasted a moment, and once again he began to fall behind. If only V would arrive sooner!

Sev's faithful Gallade protector arrived not a moment to late, his strength was failing him. He spoke in ragged bursts to his silent companion. "V, hurry up and get her... I'm right behind you."

The Gallade nodded once, and then blinked forward, teleporting in front of the one standing between him and his goal, the girl. The man had a look of panic as he scrabbled backwards, away from the intimidating pokemon, but it was too late, the plan had worked. A ghostly hand shot out of the shadows and grabbed the man's foot, throwing him off balance, and in a flash the Gallade had snatched the limp girl from his arms. The man was lying on the ground shaking in fear now, with the blade-armed pokemon standing above him, and another pokemon materializing from the shadows, it's gem like eyes staring unblinkingly. However, he had forgotten about the boy.

Sev was on top of the man in a flash, a black dagger pressed against the man's throat. You could see the betrayal in Sev's clear blue eyes, and well as the fury. "Why would you betray us like that! You were supposed to be our teacher, guiding and helping us where our pokemon protectors couldn't! Instead, you kidnapped my sister! Why, for who?"

You could hear the fear in the man's shaky voice, in his trembling. He had taught the boy how to use those daggers, and he knew how unmerciful the young master could be. "Y-young prince, you know as well as I-I do that I serve only one person, and he is a much more frightening man than you. It was the King the ordered me to kidnap your twin.

The boy reeled back in disbelief, but then brought the dagger back to the man's throat, harsher this time, drawing blood. "You're lying. I don't think anyone will mind when a dirty liar like you is dead!"

However, as Sev was about to finish the fatal cut, his twin, who had remained motionless until then, said a few faint words. "Sev, don't kill him, it isn't right. Remember when you promised me you'd always do the right thing, just because I asked you too? Prove it."

Sevv's eyes opened with a start. His trip into his past had been... disturbing, but at least now he had his answer. He hopped down from the roof-top, muttering to himself all the while. "Ves, you must have known I was never a good being at heart. Look at where I am now, having to choose the side of "good" because of an idle promise. If only I was like you."

Sevv looked around. He was almost the last one in the clearing. Besides a few people crowded around the metallic sphere, trying to relive their past, everyone had chosen a portal. Before entering the portal, Sevv made a slight detour, walking straight past those few trying to get more memories out of the ball than could be taken. He crouched down to examine the sphere, ignoring the muttering of a man next to him, continually chanting the word "More." After he deemed his examination complete, Sevv stood up, and then kicked the sphere as hard as he could into the trees, smirking at the pained expressions of those around him, cruelty showing in his red eyes. With that, he teleported up to the portal heading to Soar, and stepped through.
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