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Default Re: [poetry] The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Glacious Heart

Why won't you dance, turned Glacious Heart of mine?
My stomach twirled slowly when set afire to the spine,
Slushing blood and arteries melt when Love connives
Once Love is most at its peak, the time for Doubt arrives.

The Glacious Heart I possess shall deserve no passion,
When Shame sets the limits, the heart itself is ashen
To refreeze the Brain must think to next absorb all blood
A bottomless sea of Amity will then dispatch in flood.

Bound in regret, I turn my face from the one I sought
I clutch my heart in Countenance for the Hate I wrought
The ice that has returned now resembles frozen dinners
Saved for the times when Laziness befalls all as sinners.

In argument I take my pills and wait for wished effect
These voices in my head are made from my Brain's defect
This Glascious Heart I have shivers in ice forever more
Ignore my face's color when I collapse onto the floor.
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