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Default Spring Time Auction

Welcome to the Spring Time Auction. We haven’t had an auction in a while, and spring is the best season of the year, therefore I will be hosting this auction and everything that proceeds afterwards. The auction will take place in IRC on Sunday, April 1st, 2012.

Since I am nice, I’m giving you guys an early heads up, so start saving and go crazy in this auction. Time of this auction will be 5 P.M. GMT -5 hours Countdown Timer

Not sure how you can participate in this auction? Simple. First, you must be part of the URPG. Second, register your nickname on the server and join the #URPG channel at the correct time. Please register ahead of time. Registering your nickname is very important so nobody is able to impersonate you. If you do not register your nickname, you may not be able to join the channel! If you need assistance in registering your nickname, just post in this thread. Once you are in the channel and the auction starts, note the following auction procedures and rules.

• The starting bid is 1,000.
• The minimum amount to increase a bid is 500.
• The maximum amount to increase a bid is 10,000.
• You can only increase bids by multiples of 500, meaning you cant bid 9,750 or 12,797.
• If you make a valid bid (a bid within the minimum and maximum constraints) with money you do not have, you will be severely punished, even if it is a joke.
• Once you enter a bid, you can't take it back.
• The winner of an auction will be the person whose bid lasts 30 seconds without interruption of a higher bid.
• Each person is only allowed to win one Pokemon. This means you can't bid after you have won once.
• The number of Pokémon auction will not be known until the event is over, same goes for the Pokémon being auctioned. Though, I may give hints, but that is all.
• Any questions, feel free to ask here.


Pokemon Ultra RPG has its own IRC Channel: #URPG on
• In most clients, to connect to a server, type: /server
• To chance your nickname, type: /nick InsertName
• Once you are on the server, to join the URPG channel, type: /j urpg
• If you haven't registered, to register your nickname on the server: /msg NickServ REGISTER InsertPassword InsertEmail
• After you register, whenever you use that nickname, you will be prompted to identify yourself, you can do this by typing: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY insertpassword

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