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Default Brink of Insanity - The End?

Seeing as how we've been inactive for quite some time, and even The Laughing Man's Society closing, meaning only Pokérus Empire remains, I think we should call it quits. Most of you have tried your hardest to keep this clan alive, but with our main leader, Yamirami himself, being inactive, and no posting for a full week now, I don't see us making any changes in this battling community. It's about time we come to face facts and see that the battling community on this forum isn't going to be active again for a long time, and getting on to make a post just so we don't "shut down" isn't solving any problems. Yes, this forum was once boasting with tons of active battlers with wars happening quite often, but times have changed and we must change with them. I'm not proposing to lock this thread because "I'm the leader so what I say goes", but if we're not going to accomplish anything and all of us agree on this, then by all means we must put this to rest. However, if by some miracle this forum becomes, once again, extremely active, I will fully support this clan's survival. But for now, I'm not going to check back here very often anymore, as it has become a burden to see what we've worked so hard to bring up be left to wither away. I'll still be up for any discussions, battling, trading, etc. and you can contact me through Sykpe, AIM, or Steam (most reliable method). I wish all of you the best, and may our hopes and dreams of this clan one day be realized once again.

Short Version: The battling community on this forum isn't active, and we're not doing anything but spamming up to keep this clan "alive." Lock this thread if all members (who remain active, that is) wish to close down the clan to save the trouble of keeping maintenance. Contact me on Skype, AIM, or Steam if you need anything from me.

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