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Default Re: |-Cybertron's Elite Reffing Squad-|

Originally Posted by Bumblebee16 View Post

-Bumblebee's Reffing Squad-


-Legend Defender Battle-

-6v6 changed to 4v4-


-No Weather/No Terrain-


-Items On-

-LD Xali VS. Roulette-

-Gliscor, Electivire, Sceptile, Jolteon vs Crobat, Rotom-W, Infernape, Alakazam-

-Bumble's dice were jerks all across the playing field. Eventually I was able to use this to my advantage to gain control of the game with a critcal hit ATK2 Stone Edge on Roulettes Crobat. Also I rolled randoms and this was a p. good match. :]

Xali- $2ooo + Defends
Roulette- $1ooo
Bumbles - $2ooo

Total Salary $ooo45oo

Dat Bumbles, bumbling around with his bumbled things

I made Soviet Bidoof, Jokester Jesse made this kick@$$ banner.
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