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Default Re: Gallery/Pixel Dump

Originally Posted by Starbom View Post
What do you use for your sprite making? Im using MS paint (one with the colors at the top, newest one?) and its really annoying me due to the white box around my sprite even if I set things to tranparent, so yeah, Im lookin to switch to a new thing. :/

The MS paint my school has is beast but its an old version, is it possible to downgrade?

Lovin Loveret! I wonder what the water starter'll look like! :O
You could try to use GraphicsGale. You can try out the free trial, and if you end up liking it enough I have the full version that I can send to you.

I highly recommend GraphicsGale, by the way.
Originally Posted by damion
do you do trainer sprits as well or just pokemon?
Originally Posted by lisa lynn
Sorry, I'm pretty sub par at trainers

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