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Cool rate my pokemon black team not hacked jus trained

this is my gen 5 pokemon black team level 100 charizard:flareblitz flamethrower fly earthquake
level 100 golem: earthquake earthpower rockblast dig
level 100 leafeon: leafstorm synthesis magical leaf wish
level 100 metagross: earthquake phycic levitate cosmic power
level 100 sceptile:leafstorm leafblade synthesis magical leaf
level 100 staraptor close combat fly bravebird takedown

everyone but sceptile and leafeon are in there to sweep and the leafeon is to heal and sceptile is to stall. i start with charizard to sweep at least the first three its really bulky so it last long then for the other three i send in either staraptor or metagross to take the others out
i try to stick to a no legendary rule but if i really need to ill take out leafeon and add my ether kyogre or moltres both level one hundred and fully eved and up for trade if you want to ill take any three shinies for each of them but have to be fully evolve and to level 100 and fully eved.
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