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Originally Posted by UltimateBrawl View Post
Humans aren't entitled to anything IMO. I've seen other say the same thing; Atheist, Christian, Muslim, it doesn't matter. No matter what your beliefs are, someoen within those beliefs will say we are entitled to nothing.

This is why socialism and communism fail. They are based on people succeeding with little to no effort; gaming the system, so to speak. They fail to realize that things must be earned.
Atheism, in its belief, does not support the idea that anybody is entitled to anything. Religions, however, do.

Socialism and Communism are not based off of that idea at all. Socialism and Communism are based off of the idea that everyone is equal. See any Wiki about Karl Marx or read the book, "Animal Farm." Capitalism, the system that your country has, falls the same way.
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