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Default Re: Who's That Pokemon?!

@Goldwhynaut: Oh ok, didnt know what the question was. Plus I consider Tyrouge to be purple, but hey we all make mistakes, just look at your guess to my question. The answer was Regirock.

@Snivy: That is Pichu isn't it? Honestly, I forgot that game even exisited, and I've never played it, so yeah total guess :P

Anime: Dawn's Pokedex entry says "One swing of its mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were nothing but a matchstick." Gary Oak uses one to tackle Giovanni's Golem. Brandon's Registeel had managed to take down Paul's __________.

Game: 3 EV yeild, Immune to electric attacks, last attack is at level 58, and 92 base attack and 85 base special attack (yet I raised 2 of them and they both had higher Spec Attack lol.)
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