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Default Easter New Life

It's Easter again! Looks like Lopunny hid a few extra eggs this year containing different Pokemon. You can claim an egg and wait for it to hatch on Easter Day. The rules and concept will be the same as last year's, except with one slight change. Everyone will receive a chance to create a new life. Members who pay $2,000 for services will receive a Pokemon egg. Inside this fragile shell is a baby Pokemon, awaiting to be born into this world. You must take care of the egg, keeping it warm and comforted. Should you do so, your efforts will be rewarded. A Pokemon from your stats will be rolled. Members can choose to pay more to have certain Pokemon removed from their stats. You can choose to pay 7.5k to have 20% of your Pokemon removed from your stats, or 15k for 40%. This is not necessary, but is available if you wish to use it. You will then post which Pokemon you are removing from your list.

  • An URPG member may only receive one egg.
  • You need to have at least 3 Pokemon in order to participate. Temporary Pokemon are not counted. If you have a temporary Pokemon that you obtained from a trade, make sure to state it somewhere in your post.
  • By paying $2,000, you will receive a Pokemon Egg. Like most transactions, you must post your original cash amount and the resulting deduction.
  • By paying $7,500, you can remove 20% of Pokemon from your stats and they will not be counted in the roll.
  • By paying $15000, you can remove 40% of Pokemon from your stats and they will not be counted in the roll.
  • Post which Pokemon you want to exclude.
  • You have to provide a link to your URPG stats. Otherwise, your transaction will be denied. No, "it is in my stats" crap, post with purchase.
  • Only Easter Officials may confirm the purchase of a Pokemon Egg.
  • People may only receive an egg between Sunday, April 1st and Sunday, April 7th.
  • Then, a week after this event has started, on Sunday, April 8th; the eggs begin to hatch.
  • Unlike the previous event, you don't have to post to hatch your egg. On the day itself, I will roll the hatched Pokemon for everyone right away. Not only is it less confusing, it is also more convenient.
  • Only Pokemon capable of producing an egg by any means will be hatched. Thus, legendary Pokemon will not hatch from the egg.
  • In the 2nd Post of this thread will be a list of everyone who has purchased an egg. When the egg hatches, the list will be updated with the Pokemon that was born.

Now, some people may ask what is the purpose of getting a Pokemon you already have (other than the sentimental value). We do encourage trading with other members of the URPG. That way, both people benefit and the love is shared.
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