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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

I will be honest, I think these new pokemon designs are too desperate making Pokemon look bad, At least the newer pokemon. I mean, A perfect example would be Durant! It's nothng more then a grey ant, Unlike ariados where it has designs and color, Something to give it personality. Durant is blank, gray and ugly. So yes, I do think its the fact it has gotten worse but its also the fact the some of us here have played since Pokemon first came out, I for one have been playing since Ash first woke up and realized he was late to get his starter from Professor Oak. So yes, For some of us, Being veterans of the game may be the cause of some of the boredom or negative inputs since we're so used to the same old thing.. You have the part where you rescue a group of people, then you get the 8 badges, fight the Elite Four and become a champion after beating your "rival".
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