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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by goldwhynaut View Post
my opinion on pokemon BW is that it STINKS, the pokemon are more like antromorphic objects, and if you cant log in to the gl, it draws all the fun away, you cant do any of the cool things without gl, and the story is a pathetic excuse for a video game, and the game has grown overprotective, if you want to go to gl, your ``parent´´ has to unlock your profile and watch your every move, pokemon has turned boing, and i miss the atmosphere of RSE :sad*
I don't think the storyline's a "pathetic excuse for a video game." :/

It's quite different compared to other storylines, and the varying Pokemon on N's team was cool as well. & the whole concept of liberation totally veered from the ~normal~ stuff you'd see in a Pokemon game.

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