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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The duel between Curze and Gear started quickly: Curze took a slash to Gear immediately, one Gear dodged. Curze then was forced to duck from a kick Gear sent at him, came in for another slash, and got sent to a wall by a punch. Gear went on to do the rapid-fire jabbing I was expecting earlier. However, Curze vanished quickly, letting Gear punch the wall once, leaving quite the dent.

Gear decided to teleport something else in: a chain entirely made of Celestial Bronze, ending with a wicked triangular spike. He put the chain around his left arm, and it came to life, snakelike and hovering, leaving Gear to hold the Gear Titan with just his right. Gear really was strong, to wield such a big blade in one hand like that...

Curze reappeared, and extremely close to Gear's face. However, something was wrong: Curze strikes very fast, mind you, but he looked oddly slow when he came in for a second slash. To contrast, Gear suddenly sped up...Does Kinetic Energy allow for the opponent's movement to be slowed so that your own movement could be sped up? If so, that would explain his massive reserve of energy-he used his foe's movement to recharge.

However, I had yet to move an inch-probably why he hadn't noticed me yet. Probably. I didn't even attempt breathing-I wouldn't inch close until I could attack and finish Gear in one hit-or Curze got to that point before then. I wasn't risking myself that badly yet.

"Avalon! Curze! I'll end you both!" Gear yelled, doing an overhead slash with the Gear Titan, forcing me to move, while he still whipped Curze. OK, Gear did NOT need me moving to detect me. It was my Life force he was probably sensing, and that was about as noticeable and invariably present as my Aura.

Gear kept whipping Curze into the wall, making him a bloody mess, and kept trying to slash me. The multitasking, however, was to his loss: One of his swipes was too high, and allowed me to get in low for a few rapid slashes at his ankles, ripping the leather away, and Curze slipped out of one of the swings of the chain.

Curze must have been absolutely focused on Gear, even though he knew where and how to look for me. Maybe he wasn't looking to fight me-maybe, just maybe, the Arbiters were still interested in their 'precious Archangel' thing, and were intent on putting themselves in danger to distract any potential threat from me, especially since there wasn't a Relic anymore...Though I had to imagine if losing their precious Archangel was a viable option for them, too. They seemed smart enough for it. Regardless, Curze ignored my existence. Gear wasn't so ignorant, he was just preoccupied with Curze. Either way, both were not in a position to attack me, a lovely thing indeed-especially since I was no longer interested in standing around.. I brought out Scyez again, and got ready to fight.

Gear himself learned that multi-tasking isn't always good, so this time, both sword and chain were being used against Curze, but Curze teleported faster than Gear could react, and was cutting viable and nasty targets from flaws in Gear's armor when he reappeared. To add to it, now Gear had me and Scyez to contend with. Scyez jumped upon Gear's back, her chest-spike digging into a piece of leather and latching on. Gear was immediately tempted to get her off, as she did more than just grab on. She wanted to punish the Cogix for beating her earlier, and as much of her body that could move was moving to harm Gear, using whatever attack came to mind: Spherical Dark Pulses, Rings of Fire, Icy kicks, whatever hurt him. I was also in the mix, slashing away at Gear, dodging his massive sword while I kept hacking at the leather and hoped to get at his skin. Curze was also into attacking Gear, but again, wasn't interested in me or Scyez-or was avoiding confrontation on purpose. Curze did not receive the same from us-he got kicked by Scyez, knocking him down.

That all took place in a few seconds. Gear smashed his back-Scyez included-onto a wall with all the force he could. He wasn't having Scyez there. Scyez groaned from the pain, but survived, and she stumbled away to avoid a whip from Gear's chain. Curze stabbed him quickly after that, and Gear turned around to whip one of Curze's katanas right out of his hand, letting the black blade go into a corner, still Arbit-Burning.

I disengaged Gear and went for the blade. I already had two, so I was just interested in the energy-heat energy alone was no good. I grabbed the Katana firmly and sucked up the energy on it eagerly. I turned around-Curze was right in front of my face, with the white blade raised and ready to slice. I got out of the way, and Curze struck where my arm was: Curze still wasn't going to hit me in the dire points, so he could keep me alive...That being said, I was more than willing to give Curze his Katana back. By forcefully shoving it in his leg.

"GAAH!!" Curze went, falling over. That was NOT pleasant, especially since now the Blade was Arbit-Burning. In his leg. Quickly remembering how an Arbit-Burn could work, I tipped my blade in his now running-blood, and relished the rewards of draining energy from blades, and the blades replenished the energy-the blood didn't vanish, thankfully, so I could finally get a source of energy, however weird and bloody it was. I needed Curze alive, though-as a punching bag for Gear's attacks and as a way to weaken Gear successfully. However, Gear's approach to our position got both facts out of my mind. Scyez swept in close for a punch to the back of Gear's head, but that didn't really work-he barely noticed and didn't even retaliate. Gear was inches from taking out Curze, but once again, he teleported, nearly simultaneous with me firing an orb of Arbitarian Energy at Gear's side.

"D**m!" Gear yelled, trying to get rid of the Arbit-Burn. Coganan Energy can stop Arbit-Burns, and he was the Cogix, so that was easy. However, Gear's leather now had a noticeable hole in it, and it was all I needed. I charged for that valuable weakspot.

The blade bounced off his skin-said skin feeling like steel. Gear blocked me with Kinetic Energy, and how! How did Curze hit several, hard-to-access weakspots in Gear's Armor for massive damage, while I hit a very exposed patch of skin and didn't do squat? Meanwhile, Gear only looked tired, not truly out of it, and I wasn't betting on him wearing out...I needed to get away for a few seconds. considering Gear could move the elevator up to remove any sort of height advantage, I was stuck with actually going inside the Elevator. Gear nearly slashed me, but Curze distracted him with a swipe, and I slipped inside.

Inside, the Elevator was boring and dull-quite like most of the ship itself. However, Scyez joined me within, fur bloody and body wound. A bit of rest and rethinking of strategies was in order.

Five seconds later, Curze teleported into the elevator. One instant later, Gear poked his head in, and thankfully saw Curze first. "D**m Arbiter! Die already!" He said, getting in, Not wasting time attempting to whip Curze with the chain on the way in. The Arbiter ducked, but Gear got his feet in to trap Curze, seemingly for good.

"Well, as they say in Jacinto, curbstomp beats everything." Gear said, more to himself than Curze, as he flipped him over-exposing a slim line of skin on his back. Did he see me? It didn't matter, I jumped on the chance, and slashed at Gear. At last, he reacted in noticeable pain to one of my attacks.

"OOW!" Gear yelled out, not expecting the slash to occur there of all places. He gripped the backside where he was slashed, and Curze was smirking, slightly. He didn't smirk further when Scyez used Aura Sphere, and he was knocked out when it landed upon his face. That tipped Gear off big time, if the slash didn't.

"YOU BA****D!!" He yelled, angry and showing it. Gear loved calling me a ba****d.

"Oh, shut up." I shot back, simultaneously dodging an attack from Gear's chain. Scyez attempted a punch, but missed and got grabbed by the leg-I hit Gear with a orb of Arbitarian Energy to the back of his head, and he reacted enough to let go of Scyez, who kicked him in the head as he was applying Coganan Energy-The Arbit-Burn was gone, however, and Gear, arms outstretched, made a bull-run towards us. Scyez and I both ducked under his arms-shouldn't have held them out-but Gear ran through the elevator's side, tearing a hole.

He didn't run out of the ship itself-thankfully, we must have been farther away from the blast radius than I thought. However, Gear made a small hole of wires, pipes, and other things like that. Oh, and there was energy in all those wires, of course, sweet energy. Arbitarian Energy was good, and the heat was fun when I used Flamethrower on Gear's face, but I really wanted more variety in my attacks.

Gear wanted that energy too, apparently. He couldn't really keep all that protection up on him for that long without energy. He was already sapping away at the mechanics he revealed, taking some of the precious energy I needed to recover. I tried getting in on the action, but Gear was closer, and he was using some of his Kinetic Energy to push me backwards, making it nearly impossible to move forward.

With Scyez pushing on my back, I slowly tried to fight Gear's current. I took one step forward, braced myself a bit, then pushed forward further, then kept bracing for a little more, then managed to get a foot into the hole-ah, s**t.

Gear did another blitz without warning, and I was right in his path. Scyez managed to get to the side, and I almost got out of the way-almost. I was caught by the leg and thrown to the corner, now where Gear had successfully stopped. Gear had used the bait of energy to lure me in, and then trap me.

I tried moving my right leg, but it was really, really painful...Did I break it? That was not good. Gear was directly above me, and despite the amount of blood on his body and obvious wear, he was alive and able to stand. I might have been able to put up some resistance if I could try to kick him away a bit, but the good leg was between his own, quite unable to kick anything that would distract or push away Gear.

"For the record, I hate killing kids, but in your case..." Gear said. This time, he wasn't going for his curbstomp-he learned his lesson. He went for his chain, and was probably going to whip me in the neck. He brought it back-and Scyez caught on to the chain's tip. And she looked red in the face.

Maybe it was her being angry that brought out that strength. Maybe it was something else those idiots at Exio did. Or maybe it was the Aura being used as a Volteer used Kinetic Energy-to allow for greater strengths. Nevertheless, Scyez refused to let go of that chain, and did it well enough for Gear to get focused on it-more so than he was focused on me. In the meantime, I unsteadily floated upwards (thank you, energy-less antigravity), and half-stumbled, half-floated myself over to the wires. Recovery, Recovery, I needed Recovery!

Scyez was starting to lose badly to Gear, the mighty Cogix still stronger than a very angry Lucario, but it was enough to get myself over to the energy sources, and start draining them. Gear made it look easier than it was, but I was still getting precious electricity, which could be converted into any energy. I immediately started using Recover, and felt better as my bones started being patched up and recovered.

Scyez then lost her grip, and Gear regained control of his chain and pushed Scyez aside, knocking her head onto the side of the elevator and knocking her out. Gear was then coming forward to where I was-he still saw me, ugh-and had out the Gear Titan. I once again feared for my life-the recovery of my leg was done, but I still needed some more energy to fight at my peak. That wasn't possible, at this point. I was out of luck in the life-saving department. Gear was fully focused, and I was cornered.

"You know, you didn't have to get a case of BACKSTABBING FEVER the week I let you go! We could have been much better off than this!" Gear yelled, heated.

"Would it help that I'm only trying to get out as well?" I asked.

"...You were eavesdropping, weren't you?" Gear said, calming down a bit. A brilliant idea hit me-but it would work only if I could keep this conversation going, and keep getting energy. No Volteer would be suspicious of that.

"Yes, yes I was." I replied.

"You're still fighting for a madman's cause, you know that? You know who Eon Sky's last leader was? Teal?" Gear said. For someone that didn't have Influency, he could make a point.

"No, not much, but I didn't need Teal to take my stand. I didn't even join Eon Sky before-"

"I don't want to hear it. Do you understand what kind of terms Teal and Avonu were on before this whole Eon Sky s**t?" Gear continued.

"Clueless. Best friends?" I said, sarcastically.

"Ironically, yes. Not joking here, they were pretty good friends. Both were officers under my command during the first half of the war, as well, before Avonu became president of the Onlisk, and Teal went off the deep end." Gear said.

Now that was really surprising. Considering Gear, I didn’t think he lied about it either. "They were both just a rank under me, so they served as advisors in the field. I was still kind of new to Volteerism then, you know, but they weren't." Gear commented. "They usually weren't around each other, though. When they were, they worked together well, and I caught them doing a few rounds of chess when we weren't defending planets from Arbiters." Gear said.

"They were both around for Hyvin-Hul, and they fought against the Herobrine, until Tyzzax, for whatever dumb reason he had, decided to s**t them all off. I did defeat him then, but he wasn't killed-he fled. Avonu, Teal, me, and a few others were chasing him down, hoping to strike the final blow, and hunt down that Relic of theirs. Then we saw this ship for the first time...Ho boy, it was massive. Tyzzax wasn't in a fit condition to teleport, but he did get onto a ship that took him there. There were only two other ships, both one-man fighters. Avonu and Teal got on them before I could stop them, and they were off. I tried getting another vehicle at Alto-Mare to catch up, but the Arbitarian Stronghold cloaked itself and fled." Gear went on. "We got shaky communications from them for a week, once or twice a day, but we couldn't trace them. Teal was in the first few, but he was gone after day three. Avonu kept up. Eventually, we heard the news-Avonu managed to force Tyzzax to fight without the Relic reviving him afterwards, and Avonu killed him. The Arbiters didn't give up on the spot, but they let him through and gave him a way out. He didn't find Teal, though." Gear said. "We thought he was dead, and declared him MIA."

"A few days after Avonu showed up, Teal came back too, and we were glad to see him alive, but he was...Different. Shaky. A bit paranoid. He could remain calm in front of Avonu, and he never said he was tortured, but he never was the same. Those Arbiters can really screw your head over, even if you're really good at keeping your head straight. He later told me about his feelings-a vision showing Avonu leading the Arbiters to cause Armageddon. I didn't buy it for an instant, and told him to get some therapy. " Commented Gear. "Instead, when Avonu became President, he started Eon Sky, and I had to capture him, put him on trial, and watch as he was sentenced to death. I was asked to kill him. Apparently, he saw the fight take place-the one between Avonu and Tyzzax. I'm not sure how he got to, but I swore he went insane, and even now, I think I'm right." Gear said, looking a little sad at this point. He still had his blade out, and he resumed approaching me.

"Ah, s**t." I said. I really did not like the look of the facts I was given, or the scenario that was going on.

"Considering what you just heard, and what I just told you, well, I'm sorry, but this can't be going on much longer." Gear said. "The Arbiters will use you alive-I can't let you live. I'm sorry about this...Why does it have to be a kid?" Gear said, muttering his dislike of his situation.

"Can you at least say you don't hate me? I don't really hate you, never did, No matter how many times I called you a ba****d." Gear said, moving the blade closer to my body. "Don't worry, I'll make this quick, you won't feel a thing." He reassured me of a death I wasn't going to let happen.

"Not really...Just one question. Do you believe me?" I queried.

"...Let's not talk about that." Gear said, pointing the blade at my heart. "Just...Close your eyes, think of something nice and relaxing, something you like...And don't move." Gear said, remorsefully.

"Gear? If you don't believe me, then what happens if I'm right?" I asked. Time for the escape.

"I'd hate to find out." Gear said.

"Then...We'll need to be alive."

I did NOT stop draining energy from those wires until they were all gone, easily thought of. I believed Gear, for the most part. However, just because Gear didn't believe I was telling the truth didn't change the fact I saw firsthand proof of Avonu being the High Priest. I was obliged to help stop the Arbiters-and I had to stop Avonu.

I let small sparks of the Paradoxial Lightning crackle around me, which dispelled the minimal Coganan Energy that kept me from using metal control, then traveling up to Gear himself, and he stumbled back-there was no true defense against the Red Thunder. In that time, I got around him, into the Elevator, and Returned Scyez to her PokéBall.

Gear seemed to recover from the Paradoxial Lightning quickly, and regained some of his rage. "What the hell?" Gear said.

"For the record, I still don't hate you!" I said. I still kind of was attached to the person who-unawares to the both of us-was the basis for most of my fantasy before all this hell came about. I shot the Elevator down like a rocket, heading near the ground floor. I had to briefly wonder what Gear was doing after that.

"Touching little scene back there." Another voice said. I turned around-Curze was somehow standing, alive, conscious, and had recovered some of his wounds. He wasn't in perfect condition-blood from having his katana thrust into his leg was still staining said leg, and his torso also was still bloody, from Gear punching and whipping it...He had to have teleported away while nobody was looking at him. The Elevator wasn't big enough for me to not have noticed Curze's skin and blood once I was thrown into the corner Curze previously was nearby.

"You're not getting the same privileges Gear did, you're dead if you face me." I said, blades out. "I won't mind killing you now, in fact." I added.

"Just commenting. I'll leave...Hmph." Curze said, teleporting again.

Now, to get off this ship for real...
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