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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Aarilyn XD4002

Aarilyn took one step into the portal of light, and her world instantly went black. Next thing she was aware of, an annoyingly loud voice was blasting in her ears.


The Dewott leapt to her feet, paws flying to her weapons. She glanced around tensely, ready to fight her way out, yet she found herself trapped within an orb-like cage.

“Ah, great,” the otter Pokémon growled. “I should’ve known…” She got the peculiar feeling that she had been in a situation like this before—and hated it. An insect in a cage, being scrutinized under a microscope… Boy, they were going to learn quickly that she was not to be trifled with.

Just as she was breaking out her laser scallchops, the voice of the impudent silver-haired woman started addressing them. “Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?”

Though she couldn’t see the speaker, Aarilyn stared towards the source of the voice incredulously. Was this woman insane? What the heck?! She didn’t sign up for—

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…”

With that, the ground suddenly dropped out beneath the Dewott. She fell through the air, screaming at the top of her lungs a series of curses that would be inappropriate to include within this post. Darkness engulfed her for a brief moment, broken by occasional flash of lights. Aarilyn was tossed to and fro within her hamster ball as it took sharp turns around unseen corners. Eventually, the ball slowed its crazy journey, and as it did so, a curious sensation tickled at Aarilyn. Strange, yet familiar. Her body was becoming weightless.

The orb-cage-thing opened up, letting the Dewott drift out into a vast, empty white room. There seemed to be no doors or windows—in fact, the only entrance into the room was a hole in the ceiling where the orb had released her. In a moment, however, a white plate of metal covered even that up, leaving her trapped inside.

It took her a few minutes to drift down to the bottom of the cavernous room in zero gravity, which gave her plenty of time to take in her new surroundings. Not that there was much to take in. Each wall was exactly the same: utterly featureless, save for the faint grey lines where the plates of metal met with one another. If this was the testing room, then what kind of a test was she going to take? Wary, Aarilyn braced herself for whatever might happen.

Her paws softly lit on the ground, and the room came alive.

Platforms of all shapes and sizes jumped from the walls, floor, and ceiling of the room, hissing in a harsh choir of machinery. Aarilyn darted her gaze left and right, but soon lost herself in a forest of beams, pillars, and pipe-covered blocks. In a simple reflex, Aarilyn grabbed her laser and shot at the nearest thing that moved. Her efforts left a black singe mark on the side of a wall.


She let out a pained hiss as something buzzed in her ear. Out of instinct, her hand lifted to her earpiece and turned down a dial. Only after she had done so did she wonder what she had done.

“Kkkkrrrrt…. Incom…ng transmissssssssion,” a nasally, electronic voice spoke into her ear.

“What the…?” the Dewott’s eyes widened. She glanced around for the source, but as far as she could tell, she was alone.

“New objectives received, kkkrt!” the voice continued, regardless. “Destroy the targets.”

“Who the heck is this?” Aarilyn demanded. Was the silver-haired woman playing another trick on her? No way was she falling for this one!

“KKKKKKKrrrt! Proggggggram still….kkkkkkkkrt! Unable to acccccccccccccesssesssessss….”

Aarilyn winced again at the shrillness of the message, but she lifted her hand again to her ear. The piece of metal she had discovered earlier was still there… Was that what was speaking to her now? What was it? She hesitated a moment, recalling her first few seconds in this strange new world. Cautiously, she asked, “Tick?”

“Current objective: DESTROY THE TARGETS, kkkkkrt!”

Something abruptly flew past her, flashing a tempting set of red and white lights. Jumping in surprise, the trigger-happy Dewott subconsciously lifted her weapons and shot a charge of energy at the thing before she even got a good look at it. Whatever it was sparked and crashed into the ground in a crisp heap.

“DING!” a sound echoed through the cavernous room, just as the device in Aarilyn’s ear spoke, “1 Target destroyed. 9 more to find.”

A small smile crawled its way into Aarilyn’s face as she finally understood. Her test was to shoot down these red-and-white spheres with flashing lights. Simple enough, but the design of the room would make it somewhat challenging. But only just, in her case. With new confidence and a curious sense of power pumping through her veins, the Dewott kicked off the ground. In this arena, gravity couldn’t hold her back. She twirled through the air with practiced, aerobatic flips, effectively landing on a raised platform.

“Alrighty, crazy lady,” she yelled out into the room with a cocky grin. “If you’re watching me now, I hope you’re taking notes. You better believe that I’m going to give you a run for your money.”

The action that followed after flowed from Aarilyn with natural ease. She hunted for the other 9 targets, leaping, darting, and dodging her way through the room. All the maneuvers she pulled seemed drilled into her instincts—she hardly had to think about what she was doing as she kept her eyes peeled for those red-and-white flashing targets. For most she encountered, she would fry them up with a laser beam from her Scallchops—but for a few that were close enough, she sliced through with one of her special moves: Razor Shell, or Night Slash.

For each target she destroyed, the gravity seemed to increase. After about 7 targets, it had returned to normal. The advantage of weightlessness was lost, but her efficiency wasn’t diminished in anyway. When confronted with a wall higher than she could jump, she found ways to propel her agile body upward. She could run straight up a wall for a short distance, or use her Aqua Jet move for incredible distances.

Finally, only one target remained.

And gravity had intensified.

Aarilyn struggled to keep herself erect. She felt like a waterfall was crashing down on her head, trying to force her into the floor. Setting her teeth as she resisted, the Dewott glanced around for her last target. There! The target was practically taunting her, drifting just over her head. She tried firing her weapons, but the Scallchops were suddenly unresponsive. How utterly convenient. Staring the target down, the Pokémon assessed her situation. With gravity this intense, she wouldn’t be able to gain much altitude by jumping. No, she would need an extra push.

“Argh,” she gritted her teeth as she realized what she could do. “This is going to hurt…”

Taking a deep breath, the Dewott threw her hands down to her side, and summoned forth her Pokémon Power. Water gathered beneath her, spewing forth with sudden, incredible pressure. The Aqua Jet was slow at first, and strained every muscle in her body. However, once it got going, it rocketed Aarilyn towards the target. She could have sworn that the force was peeling the skin off her bones, but fighting against the pain she reached out a single fist…


“Targets cleared!” Tick buzzed in her ear. “TEST COMPLETE.”



The next few minutes were very confusing for Windflower—even though she seemed to be unconscious for most of it. One minute, she was stepping into a portal; in another, she was listening to a very baffling address from the shaman women’s disembodied voice. But in the last few minutes, she was being transported somewhere in a shell of curious construction.

Magic, indeed.

When the strange orb-hut-tent finally pulled to a stop, Windflower stepped out into what looked like a limestone cave—mixed with blocky, silver contraptions she could not identify. Buzzing orange lights dotted the walls, though their warm rays hovered close to the ground as if too heavy to lift their gaze upwards. The air coursed with the smell of earth and water, and dripping noises could be heard from a distance. She couldn’t see too far ahead, since the tendon-like stalagmites and stalactites formed a natural maze within the cavern.

“Hello?” Windflower parted her beak, unsure if she was truly alone in this cavern.

“WELCOME,” a disembodied feminine voice suddenly echoed through the room with amazing power and force. Windflower jumped, wondering if a deity was trying to speak with her. She spun around in wild circles, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from—but it sounded as if the speaker was all around her.

“RECLAIM THE TREASURE,” the voice spoke again.

“Treasure?” Windflower frowned. What kind of a request was this?

Before she could ask another question, a panel on one of the strange silver boxes opened up. An odd creature darted out, resembling a white, metal skeleton of a Rattata. Whatever it was, it took one look at Windflower and scurried away with incredible speed. The Calatuwa barely caught a glimpse of the green-glowing orb on its back before it disappeared around the corner.

This whole situation was odd, but Windflower thought she understood what was expected of her. With a flick of her wrist, her arms morphed into a pair of powerful wings. She kicked off of the floor with her talons and took to the air.

Windflower deftly carved her way through the cavern, dodging stalactites as her sharp eyes scanned the crevices of the cave below her. She kept decently close to the ground, wanting to stay in the light of the mysterious orbs of fire, but far enough that she could keep an eye out for the robotic rat. She lit on top of a stalagmite once, scanning the cavern floor like a hawk seeking out its prey. When she finally caught sight of the glowing orb, she launched herself off and dived towards the unsuspecting machine.

A shrill squeak echoed against the columns of limestone once the rat discovered that it was being followed. It picked up its pace, though Windflower didn’t let it out of her sights. Once the opportunity was right, she called upon the Energy of the Wind; wings glowing, the Calatuwa sent a blade of air sailing towards the rat.

The creature jumped at the last second, narrowly dodging Windflower’s attack—yet he did not escape unscathed. A good chunk of its tail fell to the ground, throwing it off balance. The creature continued running, though quite clumsily. This had its advantages and disadvantages to Windflower. Though it was moving more slowly than before, its zigzagging pattern would make it difficult to attack. Luckily, she had an idea.

Pulling back, Windflower flew to the top of the nearest stalagmite. The cavern had many twists and turns, but she could study the patterns of the creature’s movements. Amazingly, the rat hadn’t shown any signs of exhaustion. The Braviary morph had to wonder if it could keep running as long as it would take for her to chase it down. Had the shaman enchanted it with magic?

Eventually, Windflower saw where she could head the creature off, and she took off from her lofty perch. Skirting her way around a column of limestone, she raced towards the robot with total confidence. The creature didn’t realize that it was racing towards her instead of away from her until it was too late. Just as it dug its paws into the stone, Windflower’s second attack consumed it; the rat was ensnared in a swirling vortex of air, inevitably crashing itself into the wall.

Moments later, Windflower dug her talons into its metal hide, effectively breaking it in half with a forceful Crush Claw. The robot clattered to the ground, utterly lifeless as Windflower scooped up the orb in her now-human hands.

“I have reclaimed the treasure!” the Braviary Pokémorph lifted it above her head, addressing whatever deity was observing.

Yet the cavern remained silent. Nothing happened.

Frowning, Windflower asked, “Is this not the treasure?”

Remaining unanswered, Windflower studied the orb more closely. If this wasn’t the treasure, then what could it be? A decoy? No, it had to be important somehow—why else would the skeleton rat try to protect it so closely? Perhaps the orb was meant to guide her to the treasure? Did it have some magical property could point her in the right direction.

“Tell me your secrets, curious jewel,” she muttered under her beak, but the orb gave no response. Well, she could not see any wisdom in standing here any longer. Though she couldn’t immediately guess the orb’s function, she thought it might react to something if she got close to the actual treasure. The cavern was vast, and it might still hold secrets of its own. Placing the orb under her foot, Windflower summoned forth her wings and carried the jewel away in her talon.

She followed the direction the robot had been heading, and it wasn’t long before she noticed something odd about one of the stalagmites. A silver door had been hammered into its surface, with a curious indent at its center. The Braviary morph halted abruptly, realizing that the indent was the perfect size for the orb she carried.

Of course! The orb wasn’t the treasure—it was the key to the actual treasure!

With cunning dexterity, the Braviary morph placed the orb into the indent with her talon-feet. Just as she suspected, the orb brightened, and the doors slid back to reveal a chamber. She headed in, but was stopped at the threshold.

A pack of metal-skeleton-rat-creatures ambushed her, leaping from the inner darkness. They pulled her to the ground, digging their claws into her clothing. Windflower quickly kicked off most of them and reached for her weapons. The stubborn few that clung to her arms where soon beaten back by a pair of dual tomahawks.

Without skipping a beat Windflower charged into the plague of robotic rats, letting out an eagle-like screech as she twirled her tomahawks to and fro. Though these seemed to have more courage than the one she had chased down, they were soon intimidated by her ferocity. When two-thirds of their numbers had been smashed to pieces by her weapons, the others turned tail and fled, squealing mechanically.

Catching her breath, Windflower calmly replaced her tomahawks. As she gazed about the wreckage wrought by her hand, she hoped that the shaman now had a good idea of what she was capable of. She wanted her to understand that she was a true warrior—one who would face her trials bravely and fight with ferocity until the battle was decided. Yet, she was merciful as well—which is why she let the other creatures get away. She would fight only when needful, with honor and dignity.

Turning her attention back to the cavern, Windflower strolled inside with satisfaction. It was dark for only a brief moment, then she came into a room illuminated by a single beam of light that shone on what appeared to be a wooden mask.

“TEST COMPLETE,” the disembodied voice happily announced.

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