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Default Re: This place is dead.

It was pretty sad coming back after a year or so hiatus and seeing the forum dying. I've tried to stick with the art section and RPG, as well as putting some time into the ASB, but without a lot of active old members it seems that things aren't going anywhere.

But I'm not saying I'm giving up. I've promoted this site of my DeviantArt and Tumblr, and really want people to join in. I mean, there's something for everyone here!! I just think we need a bit more of organized activity on several of the boards.

I was personally drawn in here because of the art section and Pokemon RPGs. I know it's hard to get them up and running with so few members, but I want to at least try. I consider myself a "newish old member", since I've been here for about three years, or something. I remember the good old times and want them back :)

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