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Default Re: True Gamer Society˛ - The Return of the Beast

Name (IRL or Nickname):St33lbu11et

360 or PS3 Gamercard/Gamer Tag:Xbox Yummierchip7

Console(s): wii,xbox360,dsi,ps2,cpu


Favorite Game(s): halo3,halo2,halo reach,portal,bioniclethegame.

Most Played Online Game(s): halo3

Favorite Genre(s): horror,puzzle,building,first person shooter.

Least Favorite Genre(s): well none

Easiest Game You've Played: portal2 portal

Hardest Game You've Played: halo 3 legendary black ops and gears of war

Worst Game You’ve Ever Played: i have to say paper mario 3d

Longest Playing Streak In A Single Sitting (And With Which Game?): halo 3

Hardest Trophy/Achievement In A PS3/360 Game: um they were all hard the halo 3 achievement not today buddy were you have to hijack a vehicle 3 times in a row

Most Cherished Gaming Moment: when i got a triple kill by exploding a car with a plasma pistol

Upcoming Releases You're Dying to Purchase: halo 4

Games You'd Love To See Taken Off Store Shelves: paper mario

Games You Own
assassin creed revelation
gears of war
halo reach

Like a Baws
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