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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

[Nacht] Honchkrow (Male)
Ability: Super Luck
Obtained: Adoption Center
Evolved:Evolution Dojo

Sig Move: Master's Call

Being a Honchkrow, Nacht has the ability to summon a few of his Murkrow cronies to do his dirty work. Letting out a sharp and loud cry, Nacht spreads his wings as if summoning his followers. Several are always nearby, and will hear his call. Anywhere from two to five Murkow will appear around him, ready to do his bidding. The Murkrow will snap and claw at the opponent for up to five actions, inflicting damage. Once their master is satisfied, they will flee and never return again.

Type: Dark
BP: 25
Accuracy: 95%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 13% (Can raise if this is not enough)
Effect: *Roll 1-5 where 1,2 = 2 Murkrow. 3 = 3 Murkrow, ect.* *Roll 1-5, where 1 = one action, 2 = 2 actions, ect.* These Murkrow attack the foe for up to five actions, dealing 5% damage each at the end of every action. If these Murkrow are the target of an attack, they disappear instantly.
Usage Gap: Once per battle
Target: Singular Foe
Priority: 2

Just wanted to see if I could actually make something worthwhile. Tell me what I need to change, if anything!!

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