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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


SOAR Base...Yes, all their base are belong to them. Stop asking.

The light lurched as she stepped through. Her legs became unsteady, and her head swam as white blinded her. A trap...? She raised her weapons but they hovered, deforming and losing shape...Becoming softer and more dexterous as they returned to normal shape. But I...Didn't...Te..Turn...Mal... Her eyes couldn't stay open as she began to collapse, her consciousness snuffed out like a candle in hurricane.

Darkness rolled on top of her.

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” She was jolted out of her forced sleep by a loud, obnoxious voice that she dimly connected to the leader of SOAR. Growling, she pressed her hands to the floor, getting up...Only to discover she was trapped in a ball. It was an utter slap to her dignity, and only served to enrage her more. “Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?”

Oh, that was pushing it. Her hands instantly began to change into scythes, and she readied herself to rip out of the bubble and tear her apart limb from limb. She relished the thought, unaware of the countdown she had started. By the time she had finished thinking and decided to act on her desire, the floor opened up and - with an unceremonious yelp - she fell through the floor. Due to the total darkness of the tunnel, she had no idea where she was going or how long it took...

And then she found herself rolling out of the ball and into a mound of thick, mostly opaque...Liquid? She glared at the mound, which was slightly taller than herself, growling. Using her scythes, she steadied her wobbling legs, glancing around at her enclosure. It was a white room, and as she examined a wall up close, she could see no cracks in which to shove her weapons and pry them open. Her entrance had been obscured by a plate, and the only other exit was...Beneath the mound of jelly, as she called it.

So...I just push it off the exit. No problem with my new ability. Experiment thought smugly, stepping forward before she noticed a small orb within the center of the substance, which suddenly revealed a single eye - a camera - and sparked to life. Then, all of a sudden, she noticed something that set her hair on end and made her raise her weapons in response.

The jelly mound.

Was moving.

"ESCAPE." A hidden speaker blurted out, and she blinked in dismay. "Escape" was something she did not do, for it would cost her, well, her life. Fighting was what she was created to do, and winning was her purpose. Running away was a cowardly thing to do. She was certain if she hit it hard enough, it would break down. Of course, it just so happened that after she thought that, Jelly Blob of Doom shot forth a thick tentacle to attack her.

Scrambling, she dodged to the side and brought her weapon down on it, but it got stuck halfway through. It was very viscous, and even her sharp blades could not do anything. She was yanked forward as it retracted, bringing her in a...For lack of a better term, faceplant into its chest. She was acutely aware of it beginning to wrap its body around her, and new that if that happened she would die. Easy test my ass. Her gem switched, first a goldenrod color appearing before it mixed with the yellow-green to create a...More brown looking yellow-green. As that happened, two muscular arms formed beneath her initial set, taking on a grey color.

Slamming her fists against it, she pushed herself away with ease, grinning at her strength. She ducked as two more tentacles whipped towards her, taking a deep breath as she became a little muscular, due to Bulk Up. She swung her scythe at a tentacle, slicing through it and letting the liquid fall to the floor, where it solidified. As it squirmed, noting the loss of mass - however slight - she charged it, ramming into it with as much force as she could muster. She aimed near the top, and the momentum of her run combined with the shift in mass to the top caused it to topple over, where it would roll and reform to fight again.

The tunnel was free, and she glanced at it. Her objective was to escape, and she could do that right now...

No. I will not run. I was bred to fight...And I will do exactly that! She glared at the jelly blob again, her scythes glowing green. She jumped and brought them down in a criss-cross motion, slicing into its hide...But to her dissatisfaction, she came nowhere near the orb that controlled it. Her fists glowed brown as she unleashed a barrage of Dynamic Punch attacks, but they were even less successful as they bounced off its thick hide. It twisted around, spitting her out into the wall before launching more attacks. As boring as tentacles were, they were very effective.

Having just been thrown, she barely scrambled to her feet. She threw her scythes up as a defense for her head, and managed to grab one with her hands, which started to become enveloped. It pulled, and caused her to become off balance, forcing her into one that smacked into her weapons...Completely breaking through one while being halted by the other. However, the sound of it being shattered - a horrible cacophony of grinding calcium - stunned her long enough for one to glance her leg, drawing blood from the force of impact and how sharp the tip of each tentacle was.

...It...Hurt me... Weren't these supposed to be easy? But...Then again, she was only supposed to knock it away to run. She wasn't supposed to beat it. It hurt me. It had drawn her blood. She now demanded the satisfaction of breaking SOAR's little toy. IT HURT ME! With a frenzied cry, she launched, using Bulk Up once more - as it had worn off - to attack the vines of liquid launched at her. As she cut them off left and right, they solidified and fell to the floor. Her plan was woefully simple but terribly destructive; the more it attacked her, the more mass it lost. Eventually there would not be enough liquid left, and she could yank the core straight from its center.

She got a few more cuts - one even glancing her cheek, but eventually her goal was met. The floor was precarious in its own right at this point, as the strange of solid liquid formed ridges on the floor that could trip without even trying. The blob monster had grown considerably smaller, however, and she sliced the top part of it off, sending the sphere rolling in what little remained of its composition. Reaching in with one arm, she yanked the fist sized contraption from the source, staring hard into its camera. Turning it over, she grinned as she saw a small red button situated on the opposite side of the camera, and to which the branching lights (they went off in all four directions from the camera, with a total of three before reaching the button), which she pressed. The lens over the camera closed and the lights powered off, and she sniffed.

"Hmph. This will make a good trophy...And might come in use later." Clutching it careful, she hopped down the hole, which acted like a slide. She felt no pain from her broken scythe, and the various cuts she had, while bleeding slightly, did nothing more than sting slightly. Her Bulk Up wore off once more, but she didn't bother using the move again. She had a feeling it wouldn't be needed, and as the dark tunnel popped her out into a smaller, dimly lit grey room with no exit, she wondered just what else could happen, if there was another test perhaps.

"TEST COMPLETED. TEST FAILED." She smirked. Her objective had been to escape. Apparently beating their little toy and keeping it for herself hadn't been counted as a possibility. Whatever. She had won, and that was all that mattered to her. Her next goal was to skin that silver haired woman alive the next time they met for putting her through such a ridiculous trial. And that, she surmised, would give her great joy. She giggled slightly at the very thought...Although to anyone that was listening, it sounded far from innocent.

Judging from her character though, that probably would not be a surprise.

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