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Default Re: The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan

Summary of Chapters 0-9

Once every ten or so chapters (or whenever I feel like it) I'm going to post a summary to make it easier for people to jump into the fanfiction. Because who wants to read a fanfiction that's already twenty chapters into the story and much more to go? Well, some of you do like that, but alas, some don't, and some just want to catch up to what I'm working on at the present, and that's A-OK. So, without much further ado, I'm going to explain a little bit how this works: I just summarize the events from a specific point to a specific point and put my commentaries to the story thus far (which can either be foreshadowing or just a comment) in parenthesis and/or in bold. I put whatever is relevant and in as much detail as I can explain what's going on. Might be a good idea to review this even if you're reading the story to further get where I'm coming from and perhaps better understand conflicts or happenings!

So, here's a little summation of all that's happened thus far.

In the prologue, the setting and some of the basic plot is basically covered. Farren, from our world, has bullied a boy in his grade for liking and being part of the Pokémon franchise. Although we don't know the exact specifics, like what he did, how he did it, or why he did it (yet!), we do know that as a result, he has been sucked into the Pokémon world. To make this situation ironic, Farren once was a Pokémon fan (hence the title of the story) but stopped being a fan around the beginning of the Hoenn saga in the TV series, and is now an eleven-year-old boy in the Unova region.

This brings us into the first chapter. Farren wakes up, and he is no longer seventeen (his unofficial official age in our world) to discover that he is instead a younger boy. He feels like his room was decorated by Extreme Home Makeover: Pokémon Edition, given all of the decorations his "new" room has. He is even wearing Pokémon pajamas! And if that wasn't enough, he finds out his "new" Mom is calling for him to get up and go to Professor Juniper's lab and go out on his Pokémon journey. He then asks himself why he's hearing all of this, and suddenly his Mom is at his door wondering what he's doing wasting his time, and that his "sister" (he doesn't have a sister in his world) Genna has already gone out to choose a Pokémon. Oh, but his Mom has a Pokémon, a Gothorita (playing on the fact that Delia Ketchum has a Mr. Mime) and it nearly gives Farren a heart attack when it walks through the door and proves that Pokémon are real. His Mom gives him his backpack and tells him to get dressed. She realized that there is something off about Farren, who tries to play everything cool and pretend like whoever he is supposed to be.

Later, after going through his "new" wardrobe, he finds that a black and electric blue pattern is very prominent in what he wears. After that, figuring he has time to spare, he starts thinking this through as if it were a Pokémon game, and asks himself what happens next. His thought process is interrupted when his Mom calls him downstairs to give him something. The éPhone 4S, with Lapras Voice Control! Just an interesting thing I added to the story: I wanted to get rid of the Xtransceiver altogether, and I just wanted a simple phone device that was effective in more than just calling in a way that could keep the story moving along. And by the by: although Lapras isn't a Generation V Pokémon, it is a hint as to what company makes the éPhone... plus, though coincidental as I did start this story before the details of Pokémon Black and White 2 came out, Lapras is part of the new Unova dex! Towards the end of the chapter, Farren recognizes that it seems a lot like the iPhone 4S with Siri from his world (really?), and uses the Lapras Voice Control system to lead him to Professor Juniper's laboratory. Also, the chapter kind of ends on a note that I hope Farren is grateful for, because I'd be grateful about it too: he doesn't have to worry about his college plans.

In chapter two, the beginning is a little bit of a recap by itself. It shows that he's at least trying to digest the situation and look at it with some humor. He arrives at Professor Juniper's lab and meets the Professor herself and Bianca. There is a little bit of a snicker-worthy aside on Bianca, and how he hopes to God she isn't his girlfriend (she isn't, but...). The Professor informs Farren that there are no Pokémon left in her possession, and that Cheren chose Snivy, Genna chose Tepig, and ergo Bianca was forced to choose Oshawott (even though she really wanted Tepig... it's not said, nor do I think I'll ever directly reveal this in the story, but you heard it here first, folks). The Professor then reverts to a system that (which I so impressively created) allows her to request any Pokémon available at any of the Pokémon Centers across the Unova region. Since a Professor does not exist in every town, the Nurse Joy that runs each Pokémon Center is charged with the duty of handing out starters (but the Pokémon aren't super rare like Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig. Nurse Joys also do this in the anime; they will have one other duty from the anime that should be revealed somewhat soon, though...). Upon looking at the catalogue, they find a Zorua. Professor Juniper asks Farren if he wants the Pokémon, to which he replies yes, of course. He needs some kind of Pokémon, right?

In chapter three, Farren gets his Zorua. As it so happens, it is shiny (I love incorporating shiny Pokémon in my fanfiction!), and Bianca does vocalize her jealousy. Eventually, however, Bianca suggests a Pokémon battle. Farren suddenly becomes very paranoid and freezes, not knowing what to say. Soon, they take it outside, and Professor Juniper becomes the referee. The battle begins: lucky for him, Zorua is quite creative and takes a little more liberty in his what Farren commands to do, and possesses the ability to transform into any Pokémon, including Samurott, and temporarily strike fear into Oshawott. Eventually, Zorua wins by transforming into Oshawott and by Farren's command to take the "scalchop" (the name of the shell on Oshawott's belly) and somehow combine Razor Shell and Faint Attack. Even though Zorua can't take the moves of the Pokémon they turn into, I took creative liberties by allowing Zorua to take off the shell and perform attacks with them that aren't actually Water-type. Farren and Zorua win.

In chapter four, the point of view switches to Bianca, who is incredibly curious by Farren's victory. She, like Farren's mom, thinks there's something up. Once they later figure out that Genna and Cheren decided to go back home instead of going on to travel Route 1, Bianca and Farren head to their respective homes. Bianca doesn't stay at her upper class cottage too long. Upon entering her house, she figures out that her father, the CFO of the industry that makes the éPhone (again, big hint, Lapras! Second big hint, sort of: it is revealed that Bianca used to live in Goldenrod City, Johto), who is rarely home, is indeed home and is having an argument with Bianca's mother, a stay-at-home mom, and Bianca's grandmother Bertha (she's going to be a fun character to deal with later). Bianca immediately and quietly leaves, and runs towards Route 1.

In chapter five, the point of view goes back to Farren. Farren goes home and shares his Pokémon with his Mom. Here we see Genna, Farren's older sister (by one year), who should hopefully be disliked from the get-go. She's a very bratty girl that chose Tepig (I already said this; I don't know if I'm going to reveal this in the actual story, but Bianca wanted Tepig: but DO note that Genna got Tepig instead of Bianca, who got Oshawott instead of Farren... I know that's repetitive, but you might want to keep the whole "instead of" thing in mind, just for future reference.), a Pokémon that seems very shy. Zorua seems to take an interest in Tepig, and before we are able to see this requited, Genna expresses her disgust for it and says that Tepig doesn't want it anywhere near her (which is obviously not want Tepig wants; it doesn't care). Throughout the chapter, we see a constant struggle and bitter sibling rivalry between Farren and Genna, which their Mom tries her best to quell when possible. Towards the end of the chapter, the Farren opens up to Zorua and tries to tell it that he had come from another world. Zorua doesn't respond, and Farren falls asleep.

In chapter six, Genna, Cheren (who we get to see for the first time!), Farren and Professor Juniper do good on their promise to meet in front of Route 1 so they can take their first step on their journey together, as proposed by Bianca. As irony would have it, however, Bianca is not there. A quick phone call reveals, however, that Bianca has run away from home, has left her éPhone at home (which she knew her father would be able to track her with), and has not been home since she left yesterday morning for Professor Juniper's lab. Cheren, who debuts in the chapter, gets a little impatient, and is shown to be a little more like Genna than Bianca, but nowhere near as negatively charged as Genna. So, as the day moves on, Professor Juniper carries out her promise and catches a Pokémon as a demonstration for Genna, Cheren and Farren. Genna claims it is easy, so the Professor proposes a contest. Within a few hours, they would all meet up again in Accumula Town and have the time to catch as many Pokémon as they can with the Poké Balls she provides. Whoever with the most or the most diverse Pokémon party at the end of the time allotted wins.

In chapter seven, the point of view now switches to Cheren. He is going about on his end of the little competition, overanalyzing Route 1 as a well-made habitat for weaker Pokémon. He has already caught a Pidove and a Patrat, but he yearns for more. As he searches some more, he comes upon a winding road near a river (for those of you who have played Black and White, he's getting closer to Route 17 and 18). As he moves closer, two interesting characters, N and Dudley, both begin to walk past Cheren. Dudley is begging N to go on with some kind of "experiment" to which N commands him not to, because it is "unnatural". Although they do not elaborate, Cheren tries his best to mind his own business. N notices Cheren and immediately starts to talk to him, admiring his Snivy and asks him about Pokémon imprisonment. Cheren is thrown off by this and argues with N over what is considered fair treatment to Pokémon. It is not a deep conversation, as it eventually leads to a short battle between Cheren's Snivy and N's Purrloin. Cheren wins, and N, who tries to ignore this, simply passes by Dudley once more, commanding him to keep the experiment safe yet contained. Again he does not elaborate. Cheren continues on his business, heading towards Routes 17 and 18.

In chapter eight, the point of view switches back to Farren. He is attempting to catch an Audino, yet fails miserably. He only has one Poké Ball left; three of them were used to catch a Lillipup, and he just wasted a fourth ball trying to catch Audino. He only has one left, which he notes he must use wisely, especially since he is running out of time to get to Accumula Town. Zorua suddenly catches the presence of a Pokémon nearby and starts running ahead, leading Farren to a tree with a Panpour in it. After a slightly intense battle that involved Zorua turning into a Simipour, a nature ranger comes in and stops the battle to claim that the Panpour is his. This disappoints Farren, but after mentioning his beginner status, the ranger is impressed. After noticing his skills being surpassed by a novice, the ranger hands over a Pokémon egg for Farren to raise and hatch himself. Farren runs on ahead to Accumula Town, and sees Professor Juniper and Genna with an Officer Jenny. They are relieved (at least, Officer Jenny and Professor Juniper are) that Farren is alright and wasn't involved in the explosion that occurred at Route 17. The chapter ends with Farren's curiosity about it, claiming that such things didn't seem to fit in with the Pokémon world (of course, he never played any of the Generation IV games or hear about the bomb Team Galactic used at the Lake of Valor...).

In chapter nine, we go back to seeing everything from Cheren's point of view to see that he had felt the tremors of the explosion and that Dudley had found him and is taking him for his own protection towards their laboratory. Dudley keeps claiming that his brother, Nathan, is in trouble. They come across some thugs and an old man (yes, it's Team Plasma, dummy), but as they notice Dudley's laboratory in flames, a rush of water suddenly waltzes into the scene and puts out the flames, sending a couple of the thugs over the bridge rails, and knocks Cheren unconcious.
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