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Default Re: Youtube is liberal?

Originally Posted by Miasma View Post
It's actually kind of coincidental that I stumbled onto this topic, because just the other day I saw a video on Youtube about Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney where the comments made me raise an eyebrow. Not a single comment that I saw gave any praise for Romney, instead every one of them seemed to be in support of Obama, which I found odd considering most everyone in my personal life dislikes the latter.

I'm not well informed enough to state a real opinion on this, but it would appear to me that a lot of Youtube's users are more liberal at least in their party affiliation, although I can't speak for what they are aside from that. Being liberal or conservative in terms of party affiliation has always seemed a lot different than the actual meanings of those two words, and so I'm not sure it's appropriate to judge someone by what party they support.

I think its similar to how communism gets bashed by people as if it's some evil thing, even though I don't believe we've ever seen a country that used actual communistic methods of managing society. Instead we've seen a bunch of dictators slap the word communism onto their regimes for one reason or another, giving it a bad name. But now I'm off topic. <_<;

I certainly don't think that there is no conservative voice on Youtube, there probably just aren't as many conservative users.
That is because real communism is Marxist, and would never work on account that humans have human nature.

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
Well, I'm up here in the land of sunshine and rainbows known as the stable Saskatchewan economy, or in a large, Canada.

What I can say, is it could be one thing, the Liberals are a lot more internet savvy, I guess. What people don't understand, is that "top" channels are there because of a few things: Views, Subscribers, and Likes. I'm sure you know what these are. Views are a-no, the biggest part of this, and people don't realize that. So really, it could be a bunch of Conservatives watching it.

DERP. I'm now just reading the actual article, and I have to say this: Yeah, kinda. Well, it seems that there was obviously money changing hands here, liberals giving Google money to be on this list.

Although it could be either way. Heck, Machinima, Smosh, and BlackBoxTV are on that list XD
I can guarantee that there are thousands of conservative Youtube channels that post biased news spouted out by Conservapedia, but they are not popular. I will tell you why Mitt Romney is being hated on. Because people realize how loony all the GOPs are.
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