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Default Velocity vs Starship -- Velocity wins by DQ.

(1) Single Battle, 1 Pokémon each.
(2) DQ: Three Days
(3) Damage Caps: 50
(4) Restrictions: Three chills.
(5) Arena: Outer Space
The Pokemon are battling in a dome floating in outer space. Ground moves cannot be used, as the arena might break. After every round, a random number is generated. If it is 1-10, both Pokémon take 3 damage from an asteroid. If it is 11-20, the one with the most HP takes 5 damage. If it is 21-30, the one with the least HP takes 5 damage. If it is 31-100, nothing happens.
(6) Ref Style: Open

[Hella Jeff] Sawk (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
Signature Move: None

You're up, Hella Jeff! Show no fear!
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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