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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs Eishiba


[-] Drapion (M)
Ability: Sniper
Health: 73%
Energy: 92%
Status: Kinda miffed.


[Berenstien] Ursaring (M)
Ability: Quick Feet
Health: 94%
Energy: 75%
Status: Shaky but still ready to do some damage.

Round Two

Berenstien watched his opponent carefully, waiting for any sign that he was going to make another move to let out another terrifying roar. When that wasn’t evident, the Ursaring smirked and crossed his claws in front of his chest. With fluid movements (which were surprising for something of his bulk), Berenstien preformed a tribal-like dance, falling to rest in a fighting stance. He let out a challenging roar as he felt his power heightened by whatever deity seemed impressed by his display.

[Berenstien: -3 Energy, +2 ATK]

Drapion seemed unimpressed by the display. The Ursaring had obviously been waiting for another vicious roar to rock the battleground. He wasn’t going to become so predictable. With a smirk, he flicked his arms from side to side, opening his mouth. With a vicious hiss, he let out a sharp breath. The force of the air caused a small tornado to be kicked up in front of him. Berenstien’s eyes widened as the Whirlwind drew closer and closer to him before finally flinging him from the edge of the arena. He was caught safely by his trainer, before another pokeball was ripped from Eishiba’s belt, releasing the Pokémon instantly.

[Drapion: -5 Energy| Blaziken was dragged out!]

[The Chunky Chicken (TCC)] Blaziken (M)
Ability: Blaze
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: WHAT?!

TCC looked around quickly as he suddenly appeared on the field. He winced sharply as the stones around him dug into his body, stumbling slightly. Something pricked his foot and dizziness accompanied the pain quickly. The fighting bird groaned but slowly righted himself, watching as his opponent readied his next attack.

[Blaziken: -13 HP, PSN]

Drapion smirked as he watched his new opponent stumble to the field. Letting out a cackling cry, he ran forward, the pincers on the end of his arms glowing a bright purple. With a loud SMACK, the attack collided with TCC, sending the Blaziken skidding back a few feet. He managed to keep his footing, but found himself shaking from the effect of the attack.

[Drapion: -5 Energy| Blaziken: -18 HP]

(Rolled 1-4, with 1 causing crit. Result was 2. Critical hit rolled a 2832, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit. Accuracy rolled a 24 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Blaziken tried to shake himself off, and felt the burning sensation of the poison course through his veins. He was going to need to think of something quick….

[Blaziken: -3 HP]

Round 2 END


[-] Drapion (M)
Ability: Sniper
Health: 73%
Energy: 82%
Status: Enjoying himself immensely.


[The Chunky Chicken (TCC)] Blaziken (M)
Ability: Blaze
HP: 66%
Energy: 100%

Ref Notes

- Rolled 1-13, with 13 equaling the # of Pokémon in Eishiba’s party. Result was 9. Blaziken was dragged out.

Foxamivalth, your moves please!

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