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Default Weedle-ing My Way Out of it (Incomplete)

Pokemon to catch: Weedle
Required length: 3-5K words


I suddenly awoke to cries made by a flock of Pidgey outside of my tent. I quickly rose from my sleeping bag, and began to panic. Nowhere in my tent was my beloved Bellsprout.

"Bellsprout! Where are you girl?" I began to yell from my tent. Thoughts of what may have happened to her started running through my head. What if she was stolen by another trainer, or knocked out by a wild Pokémon?

"Okay Mint, just stay calm, everything will be okay. You're gonna leave the tent, and Bellsprout will be right outside. Yeah, that's it" I said to myself. I really didn't want to think of the worst, but inside, I was panicking. I pulled my sleeping bag off my body, picked up my backpack, and exited the tent.

Outside of my tent was warm and sunny. There was enough shade from the trees outside to keep me cool in case I began to overheat. I began to walk around my campsite; Bellsprout was nowhere in sight.

I wandered past my camp site, and saw a small dirt road up ahead of me. "Bellsprout is a smart girl; if she's lost I'm sure she'll find a path and be somewhere on it. Yeah, I'll just walk along the paths until I find her" I thought to myself.
I slowly walked along the path. I was cautious of where I stepped, in case my precious Bellsprout was camouflaging in the dirt to avoid being attacked by a wild Pokémon. The further along the path I walked, the darker the path got. I was surrounded by trees; the cool air from the shade made me shiver. There was no turning back for me, however. I needed to find my Bellsprout; she was my only real friend.

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