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Default Re: [COMIC] Digimon: Just a Game? [PG]

Haha, this is cool! I really loved that random guy who John pushed out the way. XDDD And that he was standing there with an angry face above his head. xD

I'm puzzled why you have another protagonist called Anthony, but...whatever. XD I like how the sprites and the background really work well together, even though they're from different games. But I'm sure there are many Digimon World DS/Dusk/Dawn backgrounds you could use effectively. 'Cause there are a lot of places. (I have Digimon World DS and Dusk.) But I like how it's set out so far. Interesting! I like that you have character conflict already. XD It's great. I can't wait to see where this goes. And since you're really good at making sprite comics, it's probably an idea that you switched from a story to a comic. ^^

Good luck with this! =D

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