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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Deza Chiming-Bell/Prysa Pyris.
Jubilife City.
Affected Characters: Seth Micheals and Riika Amano (Winter_Cherry).

Ah, how Deza - oops, she meant Prysa of course - loved Jubilife!

The Ho-Oh gone human simply adored the bright lights, the busy streets, the smiling, eccentrically-clad people who gawked at her face, obviously attracted her. And why wouldn't they be? The first transformation had taken Deza absolutely hours to perfect, making sure that there wasn't a single flaw on her warmly-red, rainbow-eyed face. Such perfection was very hard to come by, so it was only natural for people to be metaphorically swept off their feet.

But something was disturbing Deza as she walked through the crowds, soaking up the attention. She could feel a familiar presence on the edge of her consciousness. One of her 'children' was near. She looked around, eyes finally setting on an extremely tan boy with bright yellow-and-red bangs framing his face. He looked so familiar - Deza would know that face anywhere. It was Entei, one of her closest friends, whose life she had restored from the ashes of the Great Fire. Deza began to weave through the busy streets toward him, waving and calling out. "Hello! You there with the neon hair! It's me, Dez - erm, it's me, Prysa! Where have you been?"

Arceus Shining-Light/Lucien Lucia.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: Nar's people.

The day could not have been more perfect in Celestic Town. The sun was shining, the grass was lush and green, and four very smart people - well, two smart people and two smart Legendary Pokemon - were planning the final blow against Team Galactic.

Arceus rose as Cynthia finished her 'Team Galactic' synopsis. He watched impassively as Aquinas - Uxie - stepped outside to contact his siblings - Mew's children, Arceus thought. Even with his near omniscience, he had never been able to keep up with his first daughter's endless list of relatives. With a sigh he rose from the table and followed 'Thomas Fisher' outside, into the warm and slightly breezy afternoon, where Aquinas seemed to be just finishing a psychic summons. Speaking quietly, he murmured, "A warm wind blows from the east. Reshiram comes to join our council."

"Hurry up, Slowpoke! We're here!"

Scratch that, Reshiram was already here. Arceus wondered what had been done to Harrouh to make her act so cheerful. She certainly hadn't been this way the last time Arceus had known! Regardless, he nodded to Aquinas and took his leave, making for the little girl in the white dress, along with the boy with the brown hair who lagged behind.

Harrouh Fire-Eyes/May Harrouh.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: Potentially everyone in Celestic Town.

Harrouh was so happy to see Celestic Town. She and Thom had been walking in the woods for hours, and she was positively aching to get to Arceus and start plotting Cyrus's downfall. The last evil empire she'd encountered, she had helped - sort of? She hadn't meant to align herself with baddies.

At any rate, she was anxious to knock down Cyrus as soon as possible. That man was a menace and no mistaking it. She would have been happy to incinerate him with a puff of fiery breath, but that just wasn't going to be possible. Not only was Cyrus deep in some evil lair somewhere and guarded by some of the most ruthless people and Pokemon around; Harrouh couldn't even exercise her full power in this form. She was so weak and vulnerable being this tiny, but there was no alternative. Showing herself was suicide if there were any Plasmas about.

But she was fairly certain there weren't. Arceus was here, as was Aquinas, or Uxie, and while Harrouh had never really gotten along well with Aquinas - he was too conniving, too duplicitous - but Arceus had always treated her like a daughter. And neither of them would be unaware of any Plasma activity around here.

That was the reason that instead of being cautious, going into the town slowly with Thom and Dark near at hand, that she ran forward with abandon, Dark trailing at her heels and Thom far behind. "Hurry up, Slowpoke!" she called to him, urging him onward. She heard footsteps pounding behind in answer.

Almost immediately, Arceus was there, waiting in the center of town, in front of the Lake Trio mural. He had a smile on his face that seemed to be both strained and relieved. He bent down and Harrouh recognized the start of the act they'd agree on - a girl and her grandfather. The deception was extremely unwelcome, but there wasn't much choice. Attracting attention was the last thing Harrouh or Arceus wanted to do, and the story of visiting family was the most uninteresting Harrouh had been able to invent.

"Grandpa!" Harrouh squealed as she threw her arms around Arceus, feeling the strangeness of his body compared to Thom's, whom she'd hugged regularly. Thom felt warm, but Arceus felt like he was on fire, like his snow-colored beard should be bursting into flames. For a second Harrouh felt she was drowning in a sea of raw, untamed, untainted power. Then she broke the embrace and staggered backward, a little bit dizzy. Turning to Thom, she grinned and said, "Thom! This is my grandpa. Grandpa, this is Thom!"

Thom Otone.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: Potentially everyone in Celestic Town.

Celestic Town wasn't on Thom's 'Must-Visit' list, but he had to admit that it was quite a nice place. There was a serene atmosphere about it that Thom liked. He liked energetic, adventurous places well enough, but there wasn't enough peace in the world. But there was a feel of calmness and peace in the little town, a special beauty in the brightly-colored flowers and the old, cozy houses.

Of course, Thom's friend May wasn't very good at peace. She was shouting and running in at moment one, her Shinx - named Dark - beside her, with Thom struggling to catch up. As Thom watched she threw herself into a suited man's arms, the two locking in a warm embrace. Then, before Thom could even ask for an explanation or an introduction, May turned around and flashed a pearly white smile at Thom. "Thom! This is my grandpa. Grandpa, this is Thom!"

Immediately things made sense. May had begged Thom to come with her to Celestic but hadn't given a reason. She was so odd like that - open and completely, innocently, sometimes brutally, honest most of the time, but getting awfully cagey at other times, always saying how she wanted to explain something but she just couldn't. She had never given a reason for why she wanted to visit; now Thom got it. Family.

Thom stepped forward, holding a hand out and smiling. "Hey. I'm Thom Otone. I've been traveling with your granddaughter, and it's an honor to meet... Oh my Arceus that sounds so wrong. Look, I know what this looks like but I'm not a predator or anything like -"

Immediately the man began to laugh, his voice sonorous and deep. Then he shook Thom's offered hand, still grinning. His eyes - very bright green - seemed to glow with energy, which Thom felt in the timeworn palm he touched. It felt like touching a live wire, but without the lethal dose of electricity. "It's all right - I understand. Don't worry, I don't believe anything bad of you. Let's just say... I know most everyone very, very well. I'm Lucien Luca, by the way."

So... Cagey riddles run in the family? Thom summoned up another smile and a nod. He was more relieved than anything - relieved that the grandpa didn't think he was a child molester and extremely relieved that he hadn't recognized Thom's names from any newscasts or anything. It happened almost every time.

"Anyway, I'd like to go inside and have a little chat with my granddaughter, just to catch up. Would you mind terribly waiting out here? You may want to take your Pokemon to the healer, too - they seem a bit tired."

Thom nodded. Why wouldn't he be all right with that? "All right. See you later, May." May nodded to him, and Thom began to walk toward the Pokemon Center, humming a quiet tune. He was halfway in the door before it hit him. Take your Pokemon to a healer...

How does he know I even have any Pokemon!
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