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Default Re: Pokemon 4 Ever, whoa!

Must disagree with you poster:

Sammy is short for Samuel, and Oak's first name is Samuel. He did meet Ash when he was a kid and when he said he saw Suicune once, this was it, meaning he saw it as a kid along with Celebi.

Pokemon/or humans/ surely cannot die at the end of the movie or TV. IT's too traumatic to have that on kids. I mean, think of Sailor Moon: Neflyte dies in bloody battle, Sailor Moon and Senshi die, the death scenes were violently done and cut when it came to America.

The whole thing of time travel, would you say it's about as ridicules as 10.5 the upcoming movie this weekend when the WEst Coast is split about? Personally, why couldn't it be done? Celebi is a time traveling Pokemon.

Masked Maurader is being changed to Masked Macho Man in my story version, Randy Savage did a voiceover on Dexter that was outragous when he beat up Monkey, but Monkey kept getting up.
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