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Default Re: Mawile-Danmaku VS. sammy0295

[Rocky] Aggron (M) l [Slash] Scyther (F)
Ability: Rock Head l Ability: Technician
Health: 48% l Health: 42%
Energy: 36% l Energy: 20%
Status: Ready to keep pushing his advantage. l Status: Feeling very lucky indeed. [1 Clone]
Ice Beam @Nitro ~ Ice Beam @Nitro l Protect ~ Slash @Jet

[Jet] Pidgeot* (M) l [Nitro] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Keen Eye l Ability: Poison Point
Health: 39% l Health: 50%
Energy: 38% l Energy: 26%
Status: Infuriated. [-1 SATK] l Status: Shocked. [+1 ATK, +1 DEF, -1 SATK, -1 SPD]
Air Slash @Slash ~ Air Slash @Slash l Head Smash + Poison Jab @Slash

Round Five

Slash scowled as he saw Jet flapping his wings in readiness; Nitro lowering his head to charge like a Rampardos. She scowled in annoyance at the way they were looking at her like a target. She'd show them. She lifted her scythes and the air around her began to shimmer and ripple like a mirage, while the space seemed to change color, turning turquoise and forming a glowing teal barrier in front of the Scyther. Slash smirked, a 'How do you like them Oran Berries' grin, as she tried to keep her knees from buckling at the expenditure of energy.
[Protect: Slash, -8% Energy]

Jet screeched with annoyance and leaped into the skies, flapping his wings hard enough to create gusts that condensed into little slits of air that expanded again, forming glowing white crescents as they flew. However, when the first crescent hit Slash's force field and immediately bounced off of it, flying back toward Jet so fast that it shaved off a few feathers, the Pidgeot immediately stopped his assault and reluctantly lowered himself to the ground to wait for the barrier to fade.
[Air Slash: Jet, -5% Energy]

Nitro gave a violent snarl of anger. He was going to make Slash's wall come down! He lowered his head, channeling poison to his front horn, ready to charge. His horn glowing purple, he ran forward as fast as possible, ramming his horn into the barrier. It did no good, however. The force field just absorbed his momentum, making him slow rapidly to a halt. The purple Poison-type bellowed with frustration.
[Head Smash + Poison Jab: Nitro, -20% Energy]

Rocky was ready to take the fight to the enemy even though his partner wasn't, necessarily. He opened his jaws wide, feeling the familiar frigid and vaguely minty taste creeping up his throat. A burst of ice leapt from his mouth, blazing with cold. Nitro roared with shock; he knew what the ice should have felt like but this blast was different; it seemed to hurt far more than the other blasts had, like it had hit a weak spot. Whatever the case, Nitro was still standing - but he could only take so much.
[Ice Beam: Rocky, -9% Energy; Nitro, -27% HP]

Slash's force field went down in a haze of greenish sparkles, and out of this haze Slash leaped, her scythes raised, her eyes blazing with fury. However, Slash was crushingly tired. She found herself tripping, slipping, and she fell to the ground, unable to rise again. Mawile_Danmaku frowned but withdrew her Pokemon without a word, hoping that Rocky could get the job done.
[Slash: Slash, -15% Energy]

Jet looked at his opponents. He wasn't sure his attack would be very effective, but he had an attack in mind and no other opponent. Rising into the sky again, he flapped his wings and sent a flurry of little slices of condensed air flying at Rocky. The iron beast grunted but weathered the attack easily, with nary a scratch on his metallic hide.
[Air Slash: Rocky, -6% HP; Jet, -5% Energy]

Nitro shook his head but made no move to attack; his toxic Head Smash had seemed to wear him out. Rocky was going to make him feel even more worn out. Ice leaped from his throat and a beam of frost zapped right out of his mouth and into Nitro's body. It didn't hurt nearly as badly as the last Ice Beam, but the end result was far more terrible: Nitro couldn't move. His body was stiff with frost and coated in little ice-sickles. He would have snarled in sheer frustration, but he couldn't - seeing as how his mouth was frozen shut!
[Ice Beam: Rocky, -9% Energy; Nitro, -14% Energy, +FRZ]

[Rocky] Aggron (M) l [Slash] Scyther (F)
Ability: Rock Head l Ability: Technician
Health: 42% l Health: 42%
Energy: 18% l Energy: -3%
Status: Like taking Gummis from a Togepi. l Status: K.O'd.

[Jet] Pidgeot* (M) l [Nitro] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Keen Eye l Ability: Poison Point
Health: 39% l Health: 50%
Energy: 28% l Energy: 6%
Status: Getting tired. [-1 SATK] l Status: Blood-hungry. [+1 ATK, +1 DEF, -1 SATK, -1 SPD, FRZ]

Ref Notes
Ice Beam's Crit Roll was 5; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Ice Beam's Effect Roll was 48; 1-10 for FRZ.
Air Slash's Crit Roll was 39; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Air Slash's Effect Roll was 92; 1-30 for Flinch.
Ice Beam's Crit Roll was 17; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Ice Beam's Effect Roll was 2; 1-10 for FRZ.

Mawile-Danmaku, your moves please.
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