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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Thomas Fisher (Human Uxie) and Sara Sage
Celestic Town
APers: Velo (all)

Thomas nodded to 'Lucien' and then to 'May', as Arceus had informed him before. Harroh never really liked him, but then again, almost none of the legends did: his job wasn't to be liked, but to do what was smart. He addressed the crowd (Sara and Cynthia had finished their discussion and walked out) including a human who he assumed May brought with her.

"I have managed to arrange for several of our friends", he hoped that Lucien and May would understand the double meaning,"to meet us at Spear Pillar for a discussion on what exactly we should do about Cyrus."

Sara looked at Thomas like he insane,"Wouldn't Arceus get, what is the colloquial term? Oh, mega-pissed?! That's the single most sacred place to the legends!"

Thomas had to stifle a giggle,"Oh, something tells me Arceus won't mind. After all, this I
is CYRUS we're talking about. " Sara hurumphed, but she didn't raise any other objections. Thomas took them to the base of Coronet: a grand total of 5 whole feet away. He made a motion for everyone to go inside for the climb. Sara laughed,"Climb? You guys can climb. I am going to cheat." Sara reached inside her hoodie and grabbed a ball,"SEE YA!", she shouted.

Euryale came out of her ball, but the instant she did, both she and Sara could sense tension. It came, somehow, because of the Hydreigon, but she wasn't the source. Both the girl and the dragon tensed.
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