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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Mazi (Mesprit human)
Celestic Town
Affected RPers: Whoevers still in Celestic Town

Hearing Uxie in my head, I sighed. I was quite apparently late for yet another event that I was supposed to go to. I looked around. Behind me was my lake, to my right were a ton of trees, to my left was Twinleaf Town, and in front of me was Sangem town. I turned to my right and weaved through the trees, looking for an area where no one would see me. I closed my eyes once I found the spot, clenching my fists and imagining I was at Celestic Town. Sadly, I was placed above Jubalife city at first, on a billboard for Poketches. I punched the billboard and teleported to Celestic town.

“Sorry I’m late, the tel-I couldn’t catch a cab.” I said, eyeing the human that stood by Reshiram. I looked around, wondering where Uxie had gone. “Hey, anyone know where U-Thomas went?” I asked.

(Imma be lazy and end it there -shrugs- I’m not in the RP-ie mood atm.))
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