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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

ooc// There was a mistake in my last post with Azelf, so I took almost two paragraphs out of it, so it might seem weird that a load of text suddenly disappeared from my previous post.

Gabriella Dale {Jirachi}
Jubilife City
Jirachi – Human Form
Affected Characters: Nathaniel/Rayquaza (5TailedDemonLizard), Koro Naiya/Dialga (Eternal Moonlight)

When another girl who Gabi recognised approached, she also recognised her. Gabriella tried to think whether she had met either of the two from before Cyrus captured the legends, or maybe she had seen them when she was being taken to the lab to have the microchip inserted. She wasn’t sure, until she realised that they too must be legends. She didn’t have the courage to ask them straight up whether they were legendary Pokemon in disguise or not, since it would make her sound even crazier, so she went for the slightly more normal option.

“I may sound really odd saying this,” she started, once again playing with a strand of her hair, “but I seem to recognise you two. I’m honestly not sure where from, or who exactly you are, but I do.” She just hoped that neither of them ran away or called the police and asked them to take her to a mental ward or something like that.

Maxine Reynolds {Azelf}
Mt. Coronet.
Azelf – Human Form
Affected Characters: Thomas Fisher/Uxie (narphoenix), Sara Sage (narphoenix)

Max managed the journey quite quickly since she had sprinted the rest of the way. She had no trouble from other humans until she passed through Veilstone, where a group of teenagers approached her and repeatedly asked her questions about herself. Usually, Max would answer the questions happily, but she was too eager to meet up with Uxie after all this time so she pushed her way past them and continued her journey.

Once she got to Mt. Coronet she noticed Uxie and a human. She could hear them talking about something, so decided to approach them. “Thomas Fisher! I haven’t seen you in forever,” she grinned, running to his side. She hoped he would be able to recognise her; otherwise she would be embarrassing herself. She looked over at the human, taking in her appearance before she decided she could trust her if Uxie did.

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