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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

lake verity
Affected characters:Nathaniel,Gabriell,Koro

Seeing no sign of her I trodded off to make sure my bike was still here.I cleaned a few fallen leaves and realized I was hungry I guess the only nearest town that actually has a restaurant is jubilife.
I sat on the bike and rode to jubilife.With only a two minute ride thanks to my speeding bike I stopped so loud that everyone turned around all the way from the back of the city to the front.
I jumped off and set it down.
I ran through the town so fast I bumped Into the sort of few people that sort of looked me over thinking "stupid Idiot..." I wanted to drop a mound of steel on their head.
I Stopped when I catched their faces.
I looked a quick glance back and walked slowly towards them.
There faces seemed quite familiar the girl with the gold hair and the markings,The boy with golden strips of hair and the punk rock look,then the other girl with the blue hair the pale skin.
They all seemed so familiar.
No doubt there legendaries I glanced at the girl with blue hair who seemed as surprised as I am. "Do I know you all,you all seem really familiar."

A quick edit realizing that gabriell and koro are with them

Like a Baws

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