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Default Re: WAR Planning and Discussion

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
I'm still around with that RP plot I have that Bron, Grassy and I were brainstorming with if you guys want to use it. I'll try to participate, but I'm only good at RPing xD;
Same here. I *can* do other sections, but I just prefer RP. I always seem to get outdone though, and only have ever earned like three points in my whole career. Kinda sad, considering how long I've been in these things.

In case nobody noticed or has been living under a rock, metal is being nominated to judge the RP section. He's stepped up very nicely. The plot and rules are still unfinished, though.

I would like to propose a rule, which will probably be unpopular and get me yelled at, but it couldn't hurt. We need to limit or change how points are awarded for URPG and PO. Almost every year the one team with the best/most online battlers just PWNS the others in the sheer number of points online battling can bring in. Case in point, last year, Octopus Babies won by almost PURE PO points. I mean come on guys, something has to be done to make online battling categories a little more fair. Please?
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