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Default [Wi-Fi/PO] Revolution Uprising

Revolution Uprising

Banner made by Pickleboy

Clan Index:
1. Clan Intro, Rules, and Sign Ups/Battle Forms
2. Members, Rankings and Shop
3. War Records
4. Banners and Userbars
5. Battles and Important Links

Clan Intro
Welcome to Revolution Uprising! I am the leader and Shiny Jolteon is the co-leader. We only accept the best and finest trainers that PE2K -no, the world- has to offer! We never back down from a challenge and we strive "to be the very best like no one ever was"! "To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause...!" Okay, getting off topic. Anyways, we take all sorts of battle requests, let it be a clan war or an inner clan battle...or anything for that matter. Think you have what it takes to be a clan member? Read on!

Clan History
This clan went into planning of April 9th, 2012 by me. I then recruited Typhlosion Explosion to help finish and finalize everything. Typhlosion and I were the co-leader and leader of the Ace Trainers Association clan. We decided to make another clan in hopes of bringing activity back to PE2K and the Interactive Center.

Clan Rules
1. All PE2K and Interactive Center rules apply.
2. You must post a couple of times a week or you will be kicked out unless you have a legitimate reason.
4. You must choose an easy to pronounce Japanese name as your nickname.
5. Do not post in this thread unless you are signing up or you are challenging us to a war.
6. You will be put on a trial list if you are accepted. Then and only then we will see if you are good enough.
7. Rules are subject to change with or without notice.
8. Recording in clan battles with the VS Recorder is optional, but you must record all clan war matches with the VS Recorder. Send me the Battle Video No. and I'll record it and I'll upload it the video onto the RU YouTube channel.

Sign up and Battle Forms
Sign Up
PO Name (optional)
Japanese Nickname:
Reason For Joining?:
Past Clans:
Pokemon Experience:
Other Skills:
Favorite Color:

Battle Challenges
Clan's Name:
Main Timezone of Clan:

レボリューション = revolution in katakana (reh-boh-reyuu-shohn)
アップライジング = uprising in katakana (ah-poo-rah-eye-jee-nn-goo)
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