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Default Re: A question that's been kind of worrying me..

Originally Posted by CloudyPikachu View Post
Well, recently I started soft-resetting in Pokemon SoulSilver for a shiny Chikorita, and thankfully I got one, but when I go to the Pokemon Roster screen, you know the one that shows your six pokemon, well the icon of the chikorita is normal, not shiny. However, when I go to the summary page, it's shiny, and the dex no. is in red and it also has a red star. Is all of that normal?
Yes, that's normal. Gamefreak didn't program in shiny sprites for those, so they'll always appear normal in your roster list and PC boxes. The red star and dex no. is just another indicator that the Pokemon you have is shiny, which is helpful in case the Pokemon's shiny color is very similar to their normal color. I recommend you read this to learn more about shinies. c:
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